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  1. Source http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=1&Number=7462085&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=31&fpart=1 Looks like the login servers are down again. Hopefully they should be up shortly (if they work on a sunday!). People have reported being able to get in with KR but not 2D. Keep tabs on www.uoherald.com for updates from Jeremy. Though I do not think they are at work for a few hours yet.
  2. Ah what a shame im at work I would of loved to have gone and barricaded the base with the orcs on europa. Im sure he would of got a shock! Though im sure he has many shiniez!
  3. An excellent post, for a more synical age. Though your post is in vain, im afraod the society we are in today expect such things. These things sell - period. Its nothing we can affect, all we can do is complain which is a shame really. Though that was a well thought out post and I myself feel the same as im sure many others do.
  4. No 2D will not. Though if I may hazard a guess as to if this will allow you to change your skin colour dependent on the skin you choose. Then the skin colour will show in 2D as well.
  5. These are confirmed to be going in the game. The Japanese will get them a month earlier than us, I do hope for all the orcs sake we can change our skin colour as well! Though I must admit, they dont look very beefy. Although the undead one does look the business. From what I can gather, we will be able to use some sort of redemption or buy them from the in game body sculptor. Pictures! Anime: Elder: Hellian: Juka: Meer: Native Papuan: Orc: Orc women dont exist! Pirate: Undead: Vampire:
  6. Nah doesnt matter. He knows I donated, im not fussed about being on a list its the thought that counts
  7. Erm I donated $20 just before that. I dont think Adam put me on the list that might be why you dont see it.
  8. I was playing fine for the last 2 hours, now 10.54AM GMT and login server is down. Just as I went to switch chars as well!
  9. Holy hell thats a large post. I fully agree with some of the comments their and think ROT does need to be changed, that is one of the reasons it keeps myself away. It would be nice if ROT was changed but I dont think they will do it for along time yet and by then the damage will probably have been done. Shame really
  10. Am I the only one that deletes all my used ones and such? I do the same with my e-mails. Im a bit of a fanatic about keeping them clean :orc2:
  11. I voted yes, it would be nice to have a place where we can talk with the devs on their own forums.
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