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  1. Has anyone tried Amazon Prime Instant? It looks like they have a good selection but I hate to pay for a whole year.
  2. I can't really offer much advice on your problem but can I offer a link? www.twinstuff.com They even offer a daddys forum. I really think you and your wife might benefit from it. Congrats on the twins!
  3. I don't mind their emails regarding picture, sound, or whatever quality. We are Netflix junkies. We make a list of movies or shows with issues often and report them. Airbender had no sound for a week almost before it was fixed. Sometimes they send me discounts on my subscription also. So be sure to still click on those emails.
  4. Crap they fired him? Not a good sign. Why do I see this second season decomposing fast?
  5. Hehe Tell him to post some boxing or sparring videos! I caught him on Boxing Gym the documentry on Lords Gym in Austin.
  6. I recommend going ahead and giving the Enhanced Client a good shot. You won't need UO Assist since it has macros built in and several other advantages. Either you will love it or hate it once you get playing it. I learned to use the EC but never play it. I'm too old school I guess. I still play the original Nintendo for the graphics. LOL Feel free to give me a holler. Don't hesitate to holler at Tae also. I usually play after 8pm central. Hehe. Something that changed since you left is I got preggers and popped outta couple anklebiters. That put the skids on computer time or free t
  7. I remember! Looniper! I loved those and everyone really missed you. Tae still does the community meetings and hunts. Was it you that did Stuffy Mongbat? That was cute! *huggles*
  8. Something to else to consider is uv sunglasses. Seriously they will help prevent headache and eye strain. Find out if you have a hike/trip and distance between your lodgings and clinic/villages. You will want to know terrain and if hiking boots are recommended. Better to avoid stepping on something unfriendly. Do exactly what the embassy/consulate says and if you have a guide or security. Take it seriously and you'll come out better for it. I don't know of their current political situation there but it pays to be careful. My mother went with a group of nurses and doctors to Guatamala
  9. Same here. It's just another springtime/summer ritual. We do tornado drills, siren testing, and alerts like some places do earthquake drills. Joplin is pretty far south of here, but many local emergency persons drove down word trickled out. Lots of injurys and many might still not make it or passed due to their injurys. Just had sirens sound today for the first time this year. Thank goodness the kids are too young to panic and mama was ready. *sigh* I lived through a direct hit as a kid. Just a minor(old scale) F1. Still trashed our farm and scared the bejeebers out of the highway
  10. I started in closed beta and only quit it around March this year. Fun for awhile then it gets super boring. I think I had around 50 cities and was part of the second largest alliance on the first world when I quit. There's only a few people running the really really huge alliances. When peeps quit they usually hand over their account to someone in the alliance.
  11. Hehe yeah it's a twin thing. I don't even notice it anymore when my two do it. They are also using twin signs with their hands. Ours use some hand signs for things. Wish I would have gone a head and taught mine signs for things.
  12. I don't know about UO, but with other free to play games they sell diamonds, credits, or etc for cash. I doubt they will sell gold but perhaps more items than they do now. Before selling gold they would need to invent a great deal more gold sinks. There's still a great deal of it in game. Then cut back the loot drop on monsters.
  13. I got even with my neighbors. Our city doesn't do anything about loose animals and my neighbors took adavantage of that. I've lost many new plants over the years due to dogs urinating on them. I finally got sick of the animals crapping in my yard one day. Took a pair of rubber gloves and a baggy, scooped up the dogs fresh poo, and put it in their back seat floor. Idiots always left their car unlocked and full of trash too boot. Should have seen them after a couple 100 degree days get in that car.
  14. Last Saturday for Deal or No Deal on LS folks. Come on by for a while for a shot at doorprizes, peanut gallery, main contestant, or just a shot of snow at Norman Bates!
  15. Welcome back LadyMistress! Congratulations on pwning cancer!!! Always happy to see old hands come home. I've been seeing several VET around ingame. I think everyone misses Lady Mab too.*huggles*
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