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  1. Im still here kent ill add you mate
  2. Just wondered who was still about and playing u.o ive got a lot more time recently as work has improved and wondered what Lbers are still online even if not on there RP chars. Is Es still playing i aint seen her name on roster for a while.Anyway will probably be on most nights again would be nice to see a few of you. FOR KING AND COUNTRY Seamus Veteran Guard
  3. Hiya guys gonna take a month or so out from LB to play with some other chars gonna return at some point not sure when. Been great fun in this guild and i really enjoyed it but its just time for a break. Big thanks to Es Ed and Loli for helping the guild get back on its feet you all did a great job have fun and cya all soon. FOR KING AND COUNTRY
  4. sorry Ed got none battle was surprisingly one sided we had three more fighters in both battles but i think we only suffered one or two casualties both times. was 18v15 i think
  5. Training with Trinsic would be soo painful they are a very annoying guild to Rp with
  6. well if no one attacks us then we are basically walking a very long way and get very little out of it
  7. if cove attack and beat us so what at least it gets people online
  8. Thats alright ed happens to all of us .guy from S&K was looking for you last night he suggested next wednesday for the caravan. Have we arranged another guild to attack caravan yet?
  9. using are enemies could be a good thing helps build friendships or maybe hostilities but either way get people interested in the guild and can do no harm i reckon we have played long enough to not mind getting hammered perhaps. If anyone was at the cove battle against vesper and Kaldor you would see my point. we got destroyed but on the plus side 60 people online great roleplay and loadsa fun
  10. i agree with most of your points activity is vital and the current event helps a lot after it we will struggle again i fear. however pvp has always drawn the biggest crowds and always will i think and maybe fighting with are allies rather than enemies would be good for are guild and the other guild. Also i reckon we are a match for nearly all guilds man for man and after a trips to Moonglow we are clearly a pretty good unit. good healing great teamwork we are good in my opinion
  11. tommorow wednesday at say 9.00 i will be home any earlier there is no guarentee as im working late but yes a meeting is needed
  12. A seperate mage group will be hard unless an active command member will join that group and help bring em on roleplay with them and possible face the anger and attacks from other guilds as a fair few look on mages badly
  13. Would it not be possible to come to some kind of compromise Ed we really do need everyone pulling together right now and losing senior players over this is not very good for the guild on my eyes
  14. Dont leave Kent we have finally got this bloody guild going in the right direction and you help is greatly needed im sure you could be an emissary as your guild title is not going to change so it would not be a problem that i can see
  15. Hiya Kent me Leon and Esmeralda have been on nearly every night for the past week joining in with Grd events and plan to go to Moonglow most nights try come along would be nice to see ya about.
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