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  1. “Orcs are dorks!”... “Let’s kill ‘em all!” … “Death to the pig-people!”… This and more could all be heard even before Charlotte Wellings was able to begin speaking about the why. Perhaps there are Humanists or Humanist sympathizers in the ranks of the Crux Ansata after all, and what better place to begin according to those type than at the bottom of “The Racial Scale”. “So, Sheon and I have been collaborating on a small project.” she began. “We had a team of archaeologists working at the old temple Josiah Havel discovered. And we found something. It was a large silver monolith with str
  2. I tend to agree with Megadigo on this. In talking to some of the Sampire archers I have ran across it is the way to go these days. With the bows you can get now there is enough LL from samp form to be effective. Most seem to go with the comp bow for the AI and spam that instead of LS. I know on my normal Sampire I very seldom use LS. When it comes to stats... pack on as much dex as you can. When it comes to the swords being on the temp most people have that on there for spawns. Using whirlwind comes in very handy to advance the spawn quickly. The build I am looking at is the temp you have
  3. Yeah man... I wish you a LOTTTT of luck with that. I contacted support once due to a problem in getting my dang Mythic Token code. It had been like 4 days and nadda. So finally got in touch with them and they said it was dang in game issue to page a GM?!?!!? I was like wth???? Never liked the EA umbrella and don't reckon I ever will lol
  4. A smaller than normal crowd had gathered in the Castle Blackthorn Courtyard. Some of the Knights looked a little unsure if such a small crowd would be able to take on whatever task we would be put to. As we stood around making small talk we saw Charlotte Wellings riding in on her steed, a rather large golden shield in her left hand. “Lots of people across the bridge, are we under siege?” she asked. Immediate sighs of relief could be heard from some, secure in the fact there were reinforcements. “I had to go for a ride today, had to get out of the castle.” She continued. “Stuffy today, and
  5. Now.. I ain't recommending this... but I have heard of people using "proxies" to be able to get content they can not get from their own area....
  6. Straight leveling taming is one heck of a grind honestly.. but you can do it that way. When I first started I did nothing but tame every time I was in game until I was able to control 2 drakes, somewhere in the 80's range if I remember correctly. I started using them to make gold and only worked taming half the time. When it comes to gear.. you can pick up a VERY basic 100% lrc suit for cheap these days. Heck, if you play on Atlantic find one of my Kinslayer characters at WBB and I will give you a basic one. I still have a lot of old legendary tailor armor per-imbue years just sitting in che
  7. I can't argue with that template. It is definitely a good one. But... once Spellweaving came out I began running a Mage/SW/Tamer and I love the heck out of that one. Especially when it comes to hitting the bosses around the land. I run: 110 Taming 110 Lore 120 Eval 120 Magery 110 Med 120 Spellweaving 100 Vet Total of 810 points. Easily achieved these days. I also carry a +15 Vet and +10 Tame/Lore ring that I slap on if I need additional stable slots or am actually taming critters. Using gift of renewal on GD's along with the Taming 3 mastery Consume Damage??? Sheshhh.. it's a TANK!! lol
  8. lol... I think we all know exactly how that is. Dang months/years just click by quick now days, so no use in even thinking there will ever be enough hours in the day Also,... I hope this is acceptable to you... have not read the roc fully here yet, it was REALLY late when I posted the stuff lol.. All of the recaps I do is being taken from here: https://www.facebook.com/kyliekinslayer/ ... In the "about" section of that page it reads: This page is for recaps of the fiction surrounding Atlantic Shard EM Events for Ultima Online. I am providing this information for the UO community, speci
  9. You are welcome Thanks for another avenue to allow the community to keep up with the great story lines that Bennu creates.
  10. Minutes from the 4/25/16 Conseil du Roi King Blackthorn speaks on the dangers of Tyranny and Censorship in all it's forms across Britannia. The King's speech in it's entirety: Good evening everyone. Please, sit. Small group this evening. But that is to be expected. As we haven't had one of these successful in a number of meetings due to scheduling. Hopefully we can pick them up with more frequency and get back to normal. This meeting will be a bit more autocratic than normal, I have quite a lot to say. Hopefully someone will take notes and relay my words to the entire kingdom. After I sa
  11. As soon as we arrived in the Castle Courtyard we could see the golden yellow book sitting on the pedestal. As the setting sun cast a slight ray on the mystery book it gave off a slight eerie glow. While I was still feet away the golden foiled letters shimmered in the sun. The glimmering title became easier to read the closer I got. The Manifesto Of The Human Nation it proudly proclaimed. More than a few quickly gathered around to take a closer look. The pages were filled with such vile writings. I post them here not to give them life, not because I agree with them, but merely for documentation
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