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  1. Who´s Mesanna ? Btw, I talked with Origin support today. the guy couldn´t me explain why The expansion isn´t available . the weird thing is that i can´t even buy a 30 days card because my account hasn´t the base game. So, why they keep selling all UO stuffs here without the base game??? the support gave me a code for discount , wich i won´t use. The last hope is try to find the base game ( Stygian ) in the amazon or any gold seller store. but i feel that will not works since there a lot of guys complaining about invalid codes. Looks like they are pushing away new ppl. I would like to t
  2. Yes the proxies.... But like i said , there´s no point if Origin has a full support for my country , a working website translated and with our currency full of UO stuff and Just Stygian missing .... it´s so awful . I´m trying contact support without success yet.
  3. This link point me to 'Gothick Theme Pack' . The Origin here has all kind of game time cards, two last expansions and ingame stuffs. No reason(in my point of view ) why we can´t update to stygian.
  4. Hi, I made my first char today on Atlantic, I will probably make another for better start skills. I just need figure out how can i get Stygian Abyss , since Origin here in my country are only selling the two last expansions.
  5. Sounds great ! i will look for you both ingame . Hope can find easy
  6. I will play on Atlantic for sure, i just don´t know which city to choose yet, New Haven looks good for newbs . also i will custom my profession for start with taming at 40. For sure, i will take any help you could give me .
  7. Hi, like very solid ! but as a newplayer should i level straight taming for use pet as primary source of damage? since i don´t have money and casters need lot of resources and/or shinny gears.
  8. Ok, thank you for the advice ! should i level taming/magery first ? or is there any better order for get this template. ?
  9. Hi, I´m new and couldn´t understand how expansions work here. If i buy 'Time of Legends' will i get acess to all content ?
  10. Hi, I´m new and like to tame and magic stuff. i would like to know if a build/template of tamer/mage is viable? any advice or guide link for this kind of template ???
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