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  1. hello all, I am looking every where to get info on these but, it seem like it is contradictory from one post to another. So far, the template I use is Archery Bushido Anatomy Chivalry Healing Tactics Swordsmanship Well, I dont even know what should I aim for skill lvl. And stats, how much Dex, Str, Int... why archery And swords ? How do you play them, I mean, I just found out somewhere that I should honor everything and then spam Lightning strike... could someone make a small essay/guide on recent template for ABC archer and how to play them please please please XD
  2. Yeah it does make sens, you can still play a couple hours before heading to bed lol !! Thanx for the expansions, I will look into them also. I will read on Imbuer and look into an ABC.... I am on Great Lakes at the moment !
  3. Hello all, just got back at UO with a trial account. I know I will play more then the 14 days that comes with it. But, I am soooo rusty. I dont want IG help as it will spoil my experience, I want to do it on my own just like I did back in the early days of UO. But, any help/recommendations is greatly appreciate. Just to give you an idea, I do have fish steaks but just cant remember how to cook them.... LOL Here are my questions: 1- Which template should I start with that does not need gold investment, yeah Sampire look cool but since it is high end/gear dependent, that on
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