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  1. About imbuing resists on exceptional armor, I do not know how do the extra resists from exceptional crafting (15% without arms lore) are calculated when imbuing the armor. A leather armor piece, for instance. Say that it has 5% extra in three resists: physical, cold and fire: --> when one tries to imbue it for the first time, will it already have these 3 properties imbued in it? --> will these resists count towards that cap of 500 points total in an item? --> will they count towards the individual cap of 100 points for their respective resists? --> would it be possible to have a
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is just the info I was looking for HOWEVER... I wonder if it is still updated. Do you remember when did you last check that? I mean, the year. For instance, I have been doing some more browsing and came across this topic from 2010: http://stratics.com/threads/ruining-golem-training.230950/ . Here they say how gift of renewal and clensing winds stopped working on the golem. The question is: was it a bug that got fixed afterwards or was it an intended change that remains? And worth mentioning, they talk specifficaly about the GOLEM, the standard one wit
  3. Hello. I am very curious about those mechanical pets that came with Stygian Abyss. I am not curently subscribing but depending on how they work and perform, i would feel like trying the game again. My dilemma is: I can not find enought information about them! Stratics, Uoguide, lots of forums... not enought info on them. Logging to test center and actually finding things out is not an option because I would need to upgrade to SA and subscribe for at least one month, and that is too much just to find out how they work. I would return to the game to try them out, but only if I knew more abou
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