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  1. This worked, it added a "system" tab to all chat tabs so you can select which tabs you want to see system messages on and which you don't as well as other additional channel options for each individual tab. Seems so ridiculous that they couldn't simply add this option to the default game "being able to uncheck system messages on individual chat tabs", regardless this UI looks great in many other ways so thank you for suggesting it and it is working perfectly now.
  2. Yes, this is the same as was suggested in-game and is much appreciated, trouble is I have problems with the old client as far as resolution scaling is concerned which cuts off parts of the screen and text is very hard to read on the setup I use and get everything modded just right along with just overall not very modern UI and is not something I feel like tinkering with just simply to get it to run like it should. I'm currently having no issues with the Enhanced Client other than this small problem which seems to have been overlooked and/or omitted for some odd reason. I actually love and pr
  3. I'm using the official Enhanced client to play Ultima Online and noone can see to tell me how to make it where skill gain notification doesn't show up in my chat window. I can't read what people are saying in chat cause I am constantly being spammed when I am gaining skills and I see no tab to uncheck this channel. It seems the only people that tried to help are apparently saying go to options and turn off skill notifications which isn't an option so I must assume they are not using the Enhanced client. Please, this is a huge annoyance and I wouldn't think a community that has been around
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