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  1. ive recently resubscribed and am thinking of getting some red soulstones to store some skills and start over with a new race. I have no idea how to use a soulstone, i understand i have to double click it and it can only be used once a day but every picture i see is on the floor. Do i have to own a house and place it and then use it? Also I understand that they are account bound but I plan on transfering my character to the Atlantic server due to a larger playerbase. Will the soulstone transfer from lake superior to atlantic or are they server bound as well?
  2. as im waiting for ea to send me my gametime code for already 8 hours i was considering starting a new character. Is this template viable for pvm. I'm not concerned about min maxing i just want to know if its survivable. 120 bushido 120 parry 120 combat skill(havent determined which yet) 120 tactics 095 Chivalry 080 meditation 045 anatomy im not sure what stat cap is now but probably str 100 dex 80 int 45? I was thinking of going elf for bonus mana and night sight. close wounds for healing along with life leech weapon and bushido honor/perfection. I can use one handed weapon to have fr
  3. hello, im considering re-subscribing my account I havent played in several years and I am wondering if I would be able to join in on these hunts if I do not have the time of legends or stygian abyss expansions?
  4. I started playing uo back in 2000 when i got a free uo renaissance cd. I enjoyed it alot but i was 15 and couldnt afford to play. I did however play on free servers forever on and off and even back on osi servers from time to time. I am interested in coming back and bringing a coworker of mine on board and showing him what he missed out on. I was wondering if I buy the time of legends expansion if it includes all the earlier ones i may be missing or are all of them free with subscription? I also was wondering if the expansion comes with any free game time or not. I am assuming if I buy i
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