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  1. OK, I'm finally getting some free time so I'm going to try UO and Shards Online. I was afraid that the lack of activity on these forums was an indication of the official servers being dead, but it can't hurt to give it a try. I checked out the UO Forever forums and they appear to have about the same activity level, so I might as well stick with the official servers. I guess I'll try a Paladin build for some toughness and self-healing. Is there anything I should do right from the start so as not to screw up? How do I join the general chat on the Atlantic server? Are there any Atlantic gu
  2. What kind of summoning should I do as an archer type? Is their animal companionship?
  3. Oh, that sounds perfect. So either a melee type or a summoner that has pets tank for me. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Oh! By kiting, I mean having to run away from mobs, turn around and use a ranged attack, and then run away again.
  5. OK, thanks for the response! I'm on the East coast of the U.S...Would my connection to Pacific be OK? Also, do you know if an archer or mage has to kite mobs? I'm not very good at kiting...
  6. Hello folks! I have been considering playing UO and I have a few questions: - Is it too late to start as a new player and have a good experience? - Is the magic of the game still there? - Are there many people to socialize with in-game? - What's the best server for PvE? - Is it terribly difficult to play a mage type? Maybe I should try melee to start. - Do archers have to kite mobs? Thanks for any advice! Glowyrm
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