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  1. What's up everyone. I'm in the market for a decent size FEL house. Priority given to anything around YEW gate. If you have anything for sale or know of someone selling let me know. Thanks. Icq-384002608
  2. Hello, I played UO from 99-12. I'm just starting back and I'm doing everything possible to find a guild/group of people to play with. I've always been huge in pvp, but would be up for anything. If anyone is recruiting or knows of a guild please let me know. Icq-384002608
  3. Hello everyone, I played UO pretty consistently from 1999-2012. A few things have changed with gear etc and was wanting to know if anyone would be willing to answer some questions for me via vent/mumble. I don't care to type much. Also with the low player numbers is there a certain shard that would be best to play? I was considering Atlantic. Thanks! Icq- 384002608
  4. Anyone have a xfer token for sale on LS? Icq- 384002608
  5. Hello, I'm a returning vet. Looking for a active guild and/or players that do stuff like doom etc. Just reply here or aDD my icq 384002608.
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