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  1. So what are the guilds on Napa now days? Here are the ones i remember, any of them left? (DHC) Death Hand Chaos (MoB) Minstruels of Blood? Had mob themed titkes (DoR) Demons of the Realm (LMJ) Lynch Mob Justice (DoK) Devils of Kimone (DoV) Defenders of virtues???? Bunch of Virtue guilds that were sisters to eachother had player ran city etc OOSC or something- order of the sacred rose OOJ- order of justice LSD- Lost Soldiers of something? Any players from these guilds about? For those of you that have been around a while you may remember me as INFERNO wwith all caps, there was a another inf
  2. I just returned as well and have to say im loving it! However, alot has changed since pre tram days when i used to play. Im currently on SP for Fel rulesets, but if i dont see much action here in the next week or so (been really slow) i might re roll to atlantic. Miss the PVP i did log in there the other night, and the chat reminded me of old school uo not much has changed lol
  3. Hi Arthen, im also a returning vet, what server are you on? Wouldnt mind leinking up with some peeps to get abck into the game.
  4. Hello, Joining the community in SP and just curious if theres an active Hero/Evil war? If so is it pretty balanced, or is one side more populated than the other? I know the game is getting old and may not be active, but hoping there is something going on at the least!
  5. Evening, been back in UO and looking for some guidance on building an archer charecter. IM looking to do both PvP and PvM but i always tend to side more on the PVP side (even if there are only 5 people on the server at any given time.) SO im curious, i was looking at building a straight archer with no Magic/Bushido or Chiv, is that even doable? Or woul di be severely under powered. From what ive read archery can be quite hard to hit with and is relatively slow in shooting. Was leaning towards soemthing of this nature: Archery Tactics Anatomy Healing magic Resist Detect Hidden Detect trap
  6. So whats with Siege versus other shards? Im a returning player from late 90s... i hear siege is old rules ans open PVP everywhere anytime? did i hear that right?
  7. Hello, is Napa active still or is the population not very active? If theres any old timers around you may remember me as Inferno... played in late 90s was associated with Death Hand Chaos, and even Gmed a few guilds like DoR and MoB alot of our members left to LMJ around the time i quit... anyway used to hang with some people like Raging Bull, Sweet Pea, Happy etc etc. Just curious i would like to come back to napa but if not much pop dont want to waste my time.
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