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  1. Please gather for the in character memorial to the player of Alexander Fraser in Stonekeep. You may also bring flowers to the memorial along with paying your respects. Thank you
  2. No matter her identity, she was one of the most reliable people I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. Whilst I knew little of her on a personal level, she always struck me as an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and empathic woman who I knew would always be on hand to offer the insight and wisdom unique to her amongst our members. There are few I have trusted in more during my time in UO and I can honestly say that neither the game nor guild will ever be the same without her.
  3. Rational thought had abandoned her. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months? The concept of time too complex for her to comprehend. No thoughts, only urges, instincts, yearnings. A single constant drifting through a decaying conscious: "Breed."
  4. Nobody had come out all day they'd said. Must've been one hell of a party inside and with the missus entertaining Aunt Flo and Cousin Red for the next week, Little Ted needed a little hospitality of his own. The old wooden door hung precariously on its hinges but that was far from an irregularity, in fact it had been Ted himself who had ploughed into the very same door only three or four months earlier after losing his footing during a hasty retreat from the bar. He had paid his tab now, there had been little choice in the matter but at least he'd been allowed back in from time to time. He s
  5. The snivelling little shits were always carrying something, this occasion was no bloody different and now the parasites had passed it onto him. Yet despite all the time she spent around them their chunder of a mother never seemed to catch anything, let alone keel over and die. He supposed it was too much to hope that one day his dream might come true and the grotesque little brats might be caught in an avalanche of the flab and baked goods that had given birth to them. Still, it was his time on the road as a roving trader that kept him going and the knowledge that a quick visit to his favour
  6. Dart


    *A series of wanted posters line the streets of all major towns and cities* Please contact Bladius Dart with any information.
  7. Pack it all in, melt down the armour and leave his badge on the same desk he'd sat at since the Nihonjin had run roughshod over the East Road. They were gone now and so was the same sense of rational thought that had guided him through those early years as an officer. Now all he saw were threats. Those to himself were acceptable, he would always make enemies, always make a giant target for those wishing to make a symbolic statement but he couldn't begin to tolerate yet another act against his family. He had already watched as Tanya's coffin burned away into the night, as the Vesperians celeb
  8. Competitive schedule coming soon...
  9. Yeah, we should organise an incredibly long and boring meeting to discuss minor concerns, in which IC points of view are completely misinterpreted as some devious plot for OOC domination of the known world and then submit endless streams of treaties that nobody has the time or inclination to read, whilst try in vain to locate the one or two slight amendments that so obviously required an entirely new document to be drafted. But in regards to the OT, welcome and good luck!
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