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  1. very well. even the sad news, that LB is inactive, does not mean I miss Kent having the Guild Tag of LB. in the unlikely event that LB should restore activity, I would be onboard, since UO is the one and only RP i play. (even it seem to have overlive itself) *salutes*
  2. thanks seamus im at the bank right now, or tell me a time when we meet there im not using ICQ at the moment
  3. Hello there, could someone guild Kent Sarving ? Thanks.
  4. Sadly, my emissary rights are revoked again. So my friends, it was a hell of a ride, but since I can not recruit, I think you are all better of without Kent, the virtue fanatic. Good luck. May the virtues be with you.
  5. Just looking around here, my travels are going well. How are things with the guard force ?
  6. Any reason to put that here, Baron ? This is for the notice board, not for the tactics board, right ? I am sure it was a hasty error in the heat of the ongoing battles. *salutes* Kent Sarving
  7. Greetings. Execellent reports ! My deepest thanks to Gwen Irma and Sir Decardo for undertaking such reports and doubling the danger by taking notice of the logic of this invasion while staying alive. Of course thanks to the Baron for his network of information in this case. This helps me a lot for the next report. Kent Sarving Knight of the Virtues
  8. Investigation to Maginica. Participants : Captain Seamus Veteran Guard Lolindir Sir Kent Sarving. Knight of the Virtues Report (written by Kent Sarving) Since my wounds have doubled, I need to rest. I will continue in the next report and go into further details , have a look at the poorly drawn impressions I added to this report until then. Has anyone an idea what to use against burned eyes ? This lightdaemon made an enourmous flash, which blinded me for two minutes...it made walls of white light I did not dare to pass... *signed* Kent Sarving OOC: Please excuse my spelling e
  9. *stands up from a shrine* "Is it time again...", Kent thinks and starts gathering his gear... Visiting this city currently means certain death. But...a man who is not willing to die for the right cause does not deserve to live...
  10. Greetings. This is not very nice of the current masters of Trinsic that they give us one small house, directly at the south poor entrance. So were are now in a city with one house, where before we were in a complete city, namly Britain ? We are not allowed to wear weapons and have to hear to the Duke ? May the truth be with you. Kent Sarving "Do not get corrupt, like so many others.", Kent whispers to himself and walks away.
  11. Greetings, Tork Dimitra, a humble scribe in the guards service, is working on two essays a) the origin and collected information about blackrock in the past and related to the newest events. "Power, how fast and how deeply does it change someone. How can Virtues be used to stop that ?" Any information related to the two topics would help Dimitra a lot to bring more insight to us. signed, Kent Sarving Additional Information (ooc) The house near the crossroads I used to build up a libray will fall. If anyone needs a fairly okai plot or wants to help to keep up the dre
  12. Short report -------------------- Sergeant Lolindir and myself went to the city of Maginica. We went to the ferry in Trinsic. When we arrived over there, it seemed quiet first. At the docs, there was a healing station. We found the trinsic guards defending a area in the north of the island. Captain Kaylen was glad that more forces arrived, since every fighting man was needed to defend the base in the north. Soon after that the area was hit by another wave, so we fought without break. The sergeant even fought two undead creatures at once. After our energy went low we went off to
  13. Greetings. Marked in my calendar. Kent Sarving.
  14. LANd under or not, just contact me then via pidgeon Lolindir, and we can send a mass around for anyone interessted.
  15. Its time for some virtue duties. Lets go and clean at least two shrines for 10 Minutes so that Virtue can breath. Anyone in it, if, when ?
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