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  1. Stewan Seagull - pawn, either side
  2. *attached to the report* - design notes for the armor, including a distinctive dragon crest etched into the breast plate (and the name of the knight) - the armour was priced at 60.000 crowns - 12.000 crowns in coins were taken from the strong box - there was no hook and rope on the wall, but merely scratches and metal residue indicating use of a grappling hook
  3. [EM Competition] Hannah's Secret Garden - Stratics Forums EM garden design competition
  4. [We´re in the early stages of The Birds Su-Mi, they´re just mildly disturbing, not attacking anyone yet]
  5. They have their own forum here: Guardsmen Militia
  6. And thank you Gwen, for making it happen, you´re the best!
  7. A^K is black and green, DoT is plain iron and purple (with grey for leather)
  8. Take your water pitcher to any deep water wave tile and fill it from the spot at the whitewater. You can do this over and over (I have like 8000 "charges" in my pitcher atm). One convenient spot is at the tip of the Buccaneer´s Den docks, right beside the pillars, but there are more, if you don´t find one you can always get a boat and do it on sea. The saltwater wont hurt the quality of your bread (or plants) at all. Magic Waves in KR
  9. Human JOAT is usually enough to make tools, I think. May take a few more tries but it should work.
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