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  1. You can download the installation file for ML on FilePlanet. However you need to update the game the tradtitional way with the update client. Since you have a lousy connection, I suggest going to an Internet café for the download and the updates. I assume it will take an hour or so to complete the installation and updates. Also downloading the Stygian Abyss client may save you some time updateing. Im not sure if the 2d client is included though. Never installed it myself
  2. I found this on UO.com Have you had the char for over a week?
  3. Looks to me that that article only shows how to connect to a server, not to set one up. Have a look at http://uoam.net/uoamsvr.html for downloading and general information about the server application. You'll find the commands for the server here: http://uoam.net/uoamfaq.html#COMMANDLINE more or less you have to type (while being in the correct folder): UOAMSVR -port 2200 -pw <password> -port sets the listening port. change this if you wish -pw admin password. this is not the password you will use when connecting in UOAM.
  4. Dyable quivers (or retain material color. No mods preferably) Wolf masks Craftable bleech, alchemists. (remove metal hue on armor/weaps) Craftable pitchforks, blacksmith. Saddle blankets, tailor (dyable long blankets (knight style) for horses. Various patterns) Rewrite the sailing code
  5. Gather at Lord British Caslte at 7:45 PM GMT / 20:45 CET in parade armor in prestine condition. The event starts at 8 PM. Don't be late!
  6. Phase 5 The quest will continue with Phase 5 which will take place this Wednesday 14th January at 8pm GMT/ 9pm CET. Those willing to fight are required to gather at Trinsic West Gate in the facet of Felluca! All fighters of the lands are urged to take up arms and aid the cause. (This quest will be made public for all to attend and will be taking place in Felluca so there will most probaly be PK's. Please make sure to insure your belongings or take equipment that you don't mind loosing.)
  7. Does the different threads have any functions? I have a bundle of threads of life, but I have no idea what they are good for.
  8. Have you tried the new targeting system released with UO:KR? You can enable it by unchecking 'Disable New Targeting System' in the Interface tab in Options (in the 2d client) You'll find various targeting macros in the Macro Options. I.e 'SelectNext', 'SelectPrevious', 'SelectNearest'.
  9. I'm not sure if it is still up to date, but there is a tool that may help you out; The Taming Archive - What Do I Tame??
  10. I live in Norway myself and have no chanse of making it to the US and the UO Town Hall meeting this fall. I'd like to encourage all the attendants to bring up the topics of Item duplication, Exploits and Account terminations. Item duplication I would belive that the fewest of Ultima Online players even know how to duplicate items. Even so we have experienced a mass-termination of accounts, seemingly with many innocent players cought up in the mess. What has to be done is that EA/Mythic puts in further resourses to solve bugs that makes it possible to duplicate items, or a way to identify t
  11. And of course.. I just realized.. I dont know how many of you that use internet sites to browse items for sale, but by going for the lowest prices for all items, youre more likely to get duped items into your inventory. Id strongly suggest that everyone stay clear of sites like removed links. Search UO Find UO At least untill EA manages to get item duping out of the game completely... I've been useing searchuo to browse cheap items for the last year, and I'm starting to understand how the account may have been terminated. Strangly enough, I still have the most of the items bought, but
  12. I didnt buy much items at all. I had at some point 5-6 BRSK after I made some good cash. I have burnt all of them of except for one, and I still have that one on my main account. Apart from that, I only have stacks of bandages, fish steaks, orange petals and those kind of items. After reflecting a bit I think it mus be bank checks that triggered my termination. I had some fourty millions on one of my chars from selling an orny and a crimson that my friend left behind when he quit. I sold those items a good time ago, half year maybe. This account had a house on Siege Perilous, where i was f
  13. Everyone that has called has been told to send a message through the EA support site. And of course' date=' everyone gets the same standard answer.
  14. There are a number of threads about the banning on UHall, but the devs haven't said very much. They stick with their idea of this being a good way of sorting a flaw in their own game. UHall
  15. Nope, they only banned one of my accounts.
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