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  1. I have no idea how I know what shard I'm on I believe europa (I'm in england) Is there a way to change shards?
  2. So I went into UO hearing good things to find nearly no players... I left after a while when I realised maybe its dead? I heard of these shards but I was playing the EA one but I actually have no idea how this stuff works at all... Im extremely confused to what im doing. Simply: Bought sub from the games website Downloaded it Created char and logged in.... Why am I finding nearly no one then?
  3. Hello I have not subbed for 3 months or so... What happens to my house since I had a lot in there.
  4. I got myself a house but kinda bought a custom one. I was surposed to spend the money on insuring my items but I kinda got carried away and decided 2 deaths worth would be enough until I had to build walls around my home to make it safe. :/ Well my question here is, Where can a noob make around 10k? Oh and no I dont really know how icq works or even what it is :/ but do you have steam or skype? Thats always an option or I could try and understand Icq. By the way do I have to pay taxes on the house?
  5. Thanks a bunch for the info! Ill have to check that out. Some really cool guy decided to help me out but I'm still learning the ropes and I think I still need some guidance. But I am a Subbed guy so that would be real kind to help me get a house I would really appreciate that. How far west of bank? Oh and... how do i speak in help?
  6. Only seen 2 people and only one said hi XD Im in europa Edit: Is there a way to mail my items to an alt or something?
  7. Thanks. Well... I wish to be a warrior/butcher/cook I have no idea how I cook stuff or prepare food. Well... put it this way I dont know anything at all except how to bank stuff and kill rabbits XD Edit: I would also like to make a warrior/armorcrafter (leather armor)
  8. Hello I am a new player looking to get into UO. I have just bought a sub and wish to play and learn the game. I cannot seem to find any up to date guides so if you can help me out that would be awesome
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