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  1. Doesn't look like it bothered anyone, only one of the malls got stocked anyways, and it was near the end of the festival. I never did see who the owner of the one in PaxOku was, I kept looking though.
  2. I worked under you Drake, in both PaxLair and Mythndale, we fought the wraiths together in the Mythndale guards. Im fuzzy on what we did in PaxLair, I remember a fight on one of the towers during a meeting, you and I and I think Monk fought some PKs out of town, they came back with friends, was an all night adventure. I thought about you not long ago, but so many have long since moved on, you can reminisce for days on end about all the people you meet in this game. And to Panzram, I remember you and TC very well as well. There's a guild I thought I would never see again. It's good to know
  3. It was no problem, it's all I can do anymore.
  4. Where's the meeting tonight? tonight? tonight? tonight?
  5. I got a video of one of the Orcs singing, we know it isn't Gak, so is it Te'kug or Arig'lak? They're going to kill me. [video=youtube;rDs9IZWvjhc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDs9IZWvjhc
  6. Thank you guys for the party! The parts I was around for was great and whoever played Santa was hilarious. There was a bunch of family over preparing for Christmas and they were driving me crazy trying to get ready. Thank you.
  7. I didn't get any images, hopefully Winfield will post a few. Thank you very very much to Winmere and Darth Oni for being team rezzors and thank you to everyone that competed. Hope everyone had fun, and I'll try to do another one, but maybe I'll do something different, keep it spiced up.
  8. Everything will be provided, weapons, bandaids, armor, potions, bolts/arrows. There is a limited amount of everything so looting is both permitted AND encouraged, in order to cripple the other team. So, that's one of many reasons to ensure your backpack is empty.
  9. There will be an open match of Naked Paintball this Friday, everyone is invited and teams will be created based on however many show up. Please read the truncated rules located here: http://www.paxlair.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2211&Itemid=898 This time around it is OKAY to bring your own spellbooks, casting of any spell will be allowed, but you can NOT bring your own reagents. You also can not bring your own armor, the armor will be provided by the ground. I also need TWO people to act as team rezzors, mages much preferred, please ICQ me at 155520709 if y
  10. Howdy Doodly, John Duke, slayer of mittens (or tailor of mittens) here. I pulled this article out of the PaxLair archives. I am looking for some opinions and rule adjustments on it. http://www.paxlair.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2211&Itemid=898 See what everyone thinks. I think eliminate judges, place one person in each rez room who never leaves and acts as the judge. That person resurrects and keeps track of the quantity of resurrects. Once that quota has been reached, the opposing team wins. Additionally, spread bags of mage/necro reagents through out the to
  11. My current attempts at harvesting mittens has come up frugal, some citizens, names will not be mentioned because I have dignity (BamBam), appear to be training the kittens to dodge me and my attempts. But know this, whoever it is training these kittens, all counters can be recountered.
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