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  1. In a shock for those going to attend the weekly Commons meeting with EMs Vladimere and Dudley, the Commons house was in ruins with one of the King's Own Guards standing in front of it. Commander Foxx met with those assembled there and had a verbal altercation with the guard. After some arguing back and forth, Foxx chased the guard away from his post. Those who followed were then beset by executioners and dragoons lying in ambush. After fighting off the ambush, Commander Foxx reviewed with the assembled warriors/detectives the clues they had found regarding Lord Balandar's location. Using the
  2. Wow, that brought back some memories... few of them good. The one neat thing was remembering when our guild titles were always visible over our names.
  3. Well, we have one staff position taken care of now. Thank you for making more space for me, Chancellor Gareth!
  4. Talismans (very rarely) spawn with a property that says "Blessed for No One". It will become blessed for the first person that equips it, changing the property to "Blessed for (char name)".
  5. I would like to get everyone's input into the best time to hold a City Council meeting [in-game]. Because of [my toddler], I am usually unavailable in the evenings until after 9:00 PM Eastern. The night of the week makes no difference, but we want to stay away from nights where there are other events going on as well. Please let me know what days and times work for everyone. At worst, we may have to have some meetings through the skypages, through pigeons, or through [e-mail]. Thank you, Lady Katherine Council Chairwoman
  6. The wedding was on the road just south of Gyldenhall. The bodies of Jessica and Franklin were hopefully given an honorable burial, because their corpses were not there the next morning. The reports I heard were that the undead were quickly dispatched, but some must have gotten through to attack the wedding couple.
  7. I like piling up wood near the fireplace. The woodpile rubble piece from the Magincia quest is perfect for that, or even some individual logs stacked up. Perhaps a big fish, stag, or bear trophy on one or both sides of the fireplace as well. A rug on the floor with some chairs around it would make it look like a nice place to curl up with a book.
  8. It sounds like we need to add Anti Vendor Moving to your UO medication list *smiles* Seriously, though, that sounds like a real pain. Sorry you had to suffer through that.
  9. Tat, let me know when you will be around and I will be happy to give you some leaves and seeds.
  10. If it is in deed form, it is a "Statue" from the heritage tokens. It produces the 2-story, 2x2 tile marble statue like the ones outside of Lord British's castle. The one that provides reagents is a "Blessed Statue". It came from the Spring Decor tokens and can not be turned into a deed.
  11. And if you have the patience and do not mind occasional runs to the bank, buy a butcher's war cleaver and take the spined leather off the lizardmen as well (or do it the old fashioned way with a bladed object and scissors, but the war cleaver makes it a lot faster). Once you get 1000 or so, advertise it at the bank and sell it. Leather of any kind is selling very well right now.
  12. All of that content was changed when UO had to go through "localization" (I can not remember if that was the term they used, but it is something like that) to make it the same regardless of language. I think OSI said it was necessary for when they added the shards outside of the U.S. I think it stripped a lot of the character and charm from the game, but it apparently was necessary. I also miss the NPCs bowing to you if you were of Lord fame.
  13. This also let you trail a long line of NPCs for escorting. I remember seeing chain gangs of poor NPCs being led through gate after gate from city to city until you got to their destinations. Not that I ever did this after I could cast Gate Travel...
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