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  1. On routine patrol round Trinsic with Senior Watchman Angeline and Watchman Alusair when we noticed some smoke going up to the south. We checked round the south gate and outside the walls but didn't find anything. However we then worked down the south side after hearing a bit of commotion near the orphanage and Alusair noticed a fire built on the far bank. *You see a burnt down pire, with the grim, still smoking remains of a corpse in the middle. Some charred items lie around it and you might find some glass splinters amongst the wood and kindling, if you searched.* There was a note left
  2. I'm back Some weird glitch in EA's billing system - apparently you can't pay for more than 4 accounts with one credit card, something about stopping scammers, so when all my 6 accounts came due for renewal at once, I was flagged as a suspicious person and they wouldn't take my credit card at all *rolls eyes* However, it is now sorted *relieved* But they still wouldn't take the credit card *grumbles* so I've used my debit card for 4 accounts and bought gametime for the other 2.
  3. I can't get into UO *cries* I carefully worked all my payment schedules to coincide, and EA have randomly decided they don't like my credit card so they closed all my accounts on 1st January, not a happy new year I tried several times to put the payment through but it kept returning errors, so I spent an hour on the phone to customer services today. They tried to reinstate the existing card, tried to set up a new card, and eventually said they need to do something else and to call back tomorrow. So hopefully I will see you tomorrow... I hope all your Christmases were merry and bright an
  4. Not so much of the sausage this time, fortunately.
  5. Reports (if you can call them that) of Aron's and Fynn's speeches can be found here. Thank goodness for the Electoral Fairness Editor.
  6. First instalment covering Irvyn and Escaflowne.
  7. Irvyn looked at the cutting from the Daily Sausage in his in tray with a little surprise. Not his normal reading, but evidently one of his clerks felt there was something worth looking at. He read the article with fastidiously pursed lips, his eyebrows rising higher and higher as he proceeded through it. He scribbled a quick note: "FAO Security - do we have any contacts on the staff at this so-called newspaper? If not, consider communicating with the EFE.", attached it to the article, and put it in the out tray. [OOC: Love it :laugh: ]
  8. Postponed to next week due to EM event
  9. Most of you have probably seen the announcement of the sudden death of the player of Alexander Fraser and Verity Sands of Grd. Tanya of Grd has just posted this: I have added this as an event on the Duchy website as well. The Duke will be in attendance and it would be nice if as many DOTs as possible could come to show their respect and support her family at this time.
  10. And a reason for not throwing water at cats:
  11. I'm never going to live this one down .... [video=youtube;3wkuqRFXNvI]
  12. A raid by Savages on the orc fort in Yew On Thursday we used the stuff we took from the Savages and disguised ourselves thoroughly. We even painted ourselves all over with their nasty stinky paint stuff made from the berries they grow. With the masks on we didn't even hardly recognise each other. The “Savages” went to Yew and ran around long enough to get noticed by the orcs. We burned some stuff and killed some of the orcs in the fort. Then we got out quick before they could organise themselves to react. We were very careful not to say anything out loud, just gru
  13. Look! I'm not alone, other people have cats like mine too! [video=youtube_share;BWIPZvwcnX8]
  14. The interrogation of William the Fence, 21st August Hawke had, as agreed, instructed the carpenters to construct a guillotine outside the cells. [Note: the next time this tactic is used, it would be better that the relevant prisoner is permitted to view the construction, either through a window or during exercise outside. This will considerably sharpen his attention and give him much more to think about.] At first William continued to refuse any cooperation, but became more amenable after being shown the guillotine and threatened with execution. A couple of drinks later, he remained unc
  15. Report on the arrest of Eira The woman is clearly insane, driven mad by the curse on whatever the object is that she has taken from the old ruined house. She will not say where it is hidden, but it must be tracked down and destroyed. We cannot risk such a curse falling on anyone else. Since we have confiscated her runebook, we will search all the locations in an attempt to identify the hiding place. Her belongings included some ophidian food, and one of the runes was to the ophidian temple, which may indicate that she was there recently. However, that is only one of many places. This s
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