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  1. Governor Lord Gareth of New Magincia Proudly Presents In Association with Former Governor Lady CaT of Yew "Name The Roads Event" Earlier in the week I overheard Bret, one of our local Councilmen giving directions to a visiting fisherman. He was looking for a Fishery Stall to purchase some Bluegill Sunfish to fill their quota since they came up a bit short this week. The fisherman said his ship was bombarded by Ancient Sea Plant like creatures…Anyway, 'tis a dull story. Once the fisherman was done telling his story and Bret did the whole shocked and amazed he turned and pointed
  2. Just restocked, didn't realize people were buying again. First house East of the Homare-Jima Moongate, Tokuno Islands
  3. Shanks! So far today has been a blast and I hope it continues to be :-)
  4. For anyone having trouble getting Harpsichord Rolls Rolls to drop and would like some help you can click on the Spoiler below. I'm sure others have figured this out but I just now stumbled across what to kill by accidentally misclicking
  5. My apology for the delay, the Keep was transferred to Sheeba [DWxC] on Sep. 6th if I come across another Keep spot I will contact those who inquired about this one. ~Gareth
  6. I can juggle it between accounts for 7 days if you want the Keep.
  7. I've recently taken ownership of a house located on the Island of New Magincia in Port Ethereal Keys and no longer have room for a second Keep (I'll just have to stop saving every little thing) The Keep is located in Felucca on the "Pack Llama Head Peninsula" just above the City of Cove. No Strings Attached but Shackles are another story (Its in Felucca) Not a Dot Island Instant Death PK Trap (Took me months to learn Trapped boxes) Not a West Brit Bank Trick "Pay Half now then after Transfer pay the other Half" No Charge For The Keep (Excludes Insurance Charges...it is Fel) I am "Payi
  8. H-J Rune Library and Community Teleport Hub is located on Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands (Half a screen N-E of the Homare-Jima Moongate) Anyone and Everyone is welcome to come out and hunt, we're still gathering up more Keys to add additional runs. Unfortunately we only have a limited supply of Gorgon Lenses so if you have some please bring them.
  9. Poll Posted by Elder EM Dudley What type of events would you like to see next? This poll will close on Aug 7, 2012 at 12:02 AM. Event Planning | Stratics Forums (Just passing along the info)
  10. New Themed Shops Opening In The Village – July 30, 2012 by Merik/Gareth – Kijustsu Anei Village , Britain City in Britain *Imperium News Service* The past few months Kijustsu Anei Village has been undergoing major renovations to implement Lady Cat's proposal for specific vendor shops. The shops are being constructed all across the area to enhance the RP experience when visiting certain public Establishments like the Void Gateway, Britannia Mage Tower, H-J Rune Library Etc. You will find that many of the vendor shops being constructed aren't the most profitable in the world
  11. Sorry for the worst picture resizing ever it wasn't intentional. Was a very long nite/day/evening and I wasn't paying attention when I re-sized the Canvas. I forgot to drag the picture down so it cut out the bottom and not the top.
  12. EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report – July 29, 2012 by Merik/Gareth – Hall of Commons, Britain City in Britain *Imperium News Service* Upcoming Events See General Announcements for August Event List General Announcements Township Construction- (but I followed the Blueprint!) I have what I believe to be all of the build requests for Mesanna finally complied. You should see them pop up this week. August EM Event Schedule- (It’s where you want to be) Our Fall Schedule of events for August will be available on Tuesday. You can check it on Stratics or on UO’
  13. Thats why they invented Pens of Wisdom (finger joint savior) If you really want a set I will start gathering the supplies needed but it will be up to you to copy them with a pen and find transportation I will ask around to see if anyone has a shard shield.
  14. H-J Rune Library & Community Teleport Hub Updates Saturday, July 14th 2012 By Lord Gareth & Andrasta Kijustsu Anei Village on Homare-Jima ,Tokuno Islands Updated Runebook Sections Over the last few weeks we have been updating several sections of the runebook library. Our first section was the Dungeon and Peerless runebooks. All of the Re-vamped classic dungeon books are now up to date and additional runes have been added to the Peerless books along with a few miscellaneous locations we overlooked in the last update. For the Tamers and Bards we’ve added a new skill
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