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  1. Why not join in on the fun - http://forum.midnight-watch.com
  2. Why not just get back into UO if you miss it? Dont have to play hardcore as you once did really, none of the whole having to ooc commit, just relax and play with people you known for over 10 years?
  3. Hey guys. Some of you might remember me, some might not, used to play a lot on Europa (13 odd years) and probably like you I missed uo after a small hiatus whilst at university/working full time. Now however I gotten some time to do a bit of role-play again after work and I joined Europa only to see it was literally a ghost town, however just as I thought oh well, back to guild wars 2 or something similar I was contacted on facebook by some guys I added back 7 years ago from UO telling me about Blackwell town. It’s your usual free shard but with a lot of difference, it is just as restricti
  4. Hey James, I remember roleplaying with you loads when I played some of my GRD chars (Might have been Nunk, might have been lyson!) If you ever wanna chat about the olden times just fire me up on either icq 239938642 or steam - Islamicjew1
  5. I have been thinking of coming back to UO recently, cant really say any other game held me captive as it has in the past. The idea of RP specific days is appealing, due to full time work and all that jazz my time is not like it used to be 5-6 years ago, meaning 16 hours days of roleplaying and event creating... Seems interesting!
  6. They were all tied up, the calming smell of the dense flour casting a poor reflection for what was to come, the terror lurking behind the unfortunant victims of the night, tied to chairs, fathers watching their children, eyes wide, muscles straining to free themselves, their wifes beaten and cut, the soft titter of a giggle heard whilst each cut was inflicted, he would never go too far, not this one... each cut was as if he was completing a master piece, his lips curled up in a demonic snare, his eyes brimming with excitement and most disturbingly, arousal at the task infront of him, his colle
  7. Just returned yesterday and this topic of you two leaving seems to be what all are saying to me, must say had a read of both your'e farewells and shame to see how you felt. As Becca said, get on icq so you dont loose out on the actual friends you made here and I shall be sure to try and be nicer to you when we do actually talk! Good luck out there you two xxx
  8. But is owned by a elf.. *Blink*
  9. The cold wind which entrenched the sea side town of Cove was it's usual self, the new addition to the Covian harbour however was not. The gate had stood still for days, yet what came out of it had been much of debate as Covians sat drinking ales and gambling there salaries. "I bet is some kind of device made by 'em Vesperians, fight us like, sir" The recruit watched his superior, a sign of hopefully belonging entering his eyes after the remark was spoken, however the regular guardsman's reply was short and to the point. "Is Panda's" "Panda's?!" The recruit looked at his superior as if
  10. Not sure is my place, but Striker can punish me when he likes! People and staff in the Green Goblin Cove, from usually 6pm - 5 am.. (Plenty americans) And if aint there, they usually out patrolling or whatever it is our backwater town does! Feel free to come if your not Vesperian, elven, drowish, human or a dwarf, gargoyles a maybe. Only if hued red and act demonic to be certain mind you.
  11. Greetings, old friend. As ordered, you will be able to see results hopefully within the next couple of weeks. I shan't write more in case this letter is intercepted. The Barkeep.
  12. Railen sat at home, going over the books, running her fingers through her hair. Profits were up a little this week, however so were costs. She received a message from Suzy Fairweather that once again Cove, and one of her staff had suffered an attack at the hands of mysterious Thugs. This time the Minstrel had been captured and beaten, and Captain Grayner had to pay a handsome randsom to get her back. Captain Grayner and Recruit Bersi had been attacked in the incident. The report said a man came into the Goblin, injured. He had been a decoy in their plot. This after receiving a visit at the
  13. His eye betrayed the laughter he was trying to convey as a reality, watching the man step through the door Kiran quickly acknowledged this would be the day he died.. Weeks now spend looking for Jierdan had led to nothing after nothing, hidden in some remote distance, perhaps right under my nose... yet nothing had any relevant information, and then he just came into the goblin, un anounced and a lecherous yet knowing smile plastered to his lips.. The headache started once more, the voice of a dead girl once more echoing in the mind of a old crippled man.. "Kill him daddy... kill him..
  14. She sat in the office, staring at Kiran. "One thousand nine hundred..." She stared. She had given Penny enough gold from the first months profits to cover taxes. Kiran knew this. Apparently, the gold had not been given to the baron, for the Bailiff was most insistant that his figures showed this large ammount was due. It was more than the figures he had showed her totaled in three weeks time after paying staff. It was in a word, preposterous. The fire at Spud Goodsoups place, and the absence of Penny Freckletip And Maibaum from this weeks repair hour left an unsettled feeling in the pit of h
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