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  1. tail: 2 bolts of cloth and ball of yarn legs: leather and cloth pants head: bagball, tight boots, 2 emeralds, 9/10 feathers, pink seed. body: I asume its wool stacked, but canalso be black leather wich is dye'd or bagballs aswell.
  2. *thinks skilark assimilated me to the borg* need to make cubes... *goes of to make cubes*
  3. *thinks of the desktop, all ure houses and much much more. I dont beleave its ure only original work even if you just put 2 idea' s toghether u create something totaly new ... ...ure great =) -zevil
  4. U can' t honestly look at that auction house and say its ugly! those tables are the best stables I' ve ever seen in UO (including city' s, staff made things etc)! of the auction part I like the 1st floor, white doesnt seem to fit with sandstone. and honestly top floor s nothing for me since it has elven furniture ...
  5. skylark, I love ure theather waiting line thingy wich I see, what did u use above the torches? (can see the rest but those like like giant easter eggs:P...)
  6. U should make a cage fight arena of it . an arena on the top floor with a hole in it, when u fall into it u cant come out
  7. place goza on step, than place item ontop of it, perhaps raise it. remove steop and the goza and viola uve got a archery butle shown as in the pic
  8. just randomly stack golsd silver, gems, chests and T-maps till u see something that works
  9. mayby I have a solturion fo you, try to make friends in the Pk realm ... Me and my guild once got bugged by another guild and they were killing the noobs of my guild in our guild town. when there guild was gone I had enough of it and I called some of my friends... ...what would you do when U see a bleu gate with 20 of the best PK' s on shard walking true it... they runned like crazy but in the end they all got killed and we gave them a warning never saw them ever again ^^
  10. well you can always make a panic room, when U see a red U run into there ...
  11. lol In my pk days I saw some ione run in his tower once, we were with a bunch of 6. he toght he was safe, but than I popped a tower right next to his and 3 guarded the door while 3 others were casting flame strike on him and hit him with the fire horn... I hope no PK groups near youre house are crazy enough to build a house just to kill some one? (I normally wouldn' t be but that guy pissed me off ...)
  12. well a house is easy made , just make a base like a normal house and put a ladder near it, than on the top floor let it be a bit larger so u have a patio downstairs and than make a nice roof ontop of it ... I' ve made a house like that once when i had a small plot in inner luna, was lovely ^^
  13. ML furniture that looks nice... ure too good with decorating
  14. well I tought it was something with a bug i readed on a site once, that uif you open a house trading gump a 2nd time. never actually tried it but still I am currius about the effect
  15. adam, I can just say one thing. this forum ist the most professional and fun forum I ever saw! It's easy to find the info you needed and a great add to my *and of much more people* UO fun ...
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