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  1. Hay bales can be useful for decorative purposes. Unlike wheat bales, however, you cannot pass through them - they are solid. Either one has deco advantages, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Outside of that, yeah, pretty useless.
  2. I dunno, but there is a single-space soul forge available as a rare drop from Corgul. Also, there is one of these (or used to be anyway) at the Sea Market dock, not far from that places fish-monger... Not that helps, but just an FYI. If you can get the single space soul forge, it would rock, but the anvils from the full sized soul forge are cool as well.
  3. Have you seen the guys mugshot? He is not functioning properly - there is seriously something wrong in his head.
  4. Hrm, well, a compromise for lighting effects could be the use of glow in the dark paints. There are companies that sell very potent glow powders. You can pick and choose which colors you like, but you have to be careful - some are bright for hours, some for a few minutes. These guys (random link, not a recommendation for the company) have a pretty good set of descriptions for their products. Some might even be bright enough to be seen in daylight (though very faint, of course).
  5. While those are very (VERY!) nice, I feel that a little Tim Allen* touch is in order. Maybe some pneumatic or hydraulic pistons to flap the wings at a nice easy pace of say... 180 flaps per minute. Oh, and don't forget the fire extinguisher! =) Seriously, those are VERY well done - I am impressed. Nice work! I tried welding small wires like that once. It wasn't easy, and my work was UGLY - when I didn't burn through the wires. Your work looks very delicate and nicely finished. (For a more sane level of one-up-man-ship, you could weave in some electroluminescent wire (EL wire) and ma
  6. Much of Battlestar Galactica (the new one) is really good, but I personally found the end to be a little disappointing (no spoilers, sorry. Gonna hafta see for yourself). Still, very good to watch.
  7. I really don't recommend this... (Language in image warning, might not be safe for work) Hacker Holds Video Game Hostage
  8. I really wanted to like Jack of all Trades. I really did. I just couldn't get into it, Bruce Campbell or no. Back on topic: Pretty much any Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode is worth watching (Joel>Mike, FWIW) I've been using Hulu to catch up on old TV shows. Right now I'm going through the old Addams Family series from the black and white days. Mmm, Morticia... Grrrr. Anyway, there's quite a few old shows there and it is free to watch but for the short commercial breaks.
  9. Bruce Campbell... I watched "Bubba Ho-Tep" a while back. While the movie was too painful, even for my weird sense of humor, the commentary track was hilarious. I need to re-watch that soon.
  10. That sounds epically revolting. It sounds worse than the celery-flavored soda I once tried out of morbid curiosity.
  11. If he is convicted and goes to an Arizona prison, expect it to be a de-facto death sentence. Arizona prisons are extremely harsh, from what I hear, never-mind what the inmates will do to him. Also, the authorities seem to believe he did not act alone. I hope they nab all the perps and right quick.
  12. I shake my fist at your (quite correct) logic. Point taken and conceded.
  13. I don't care why this guy did what he did. Things should be done to him that would make Pinhead from Hellraiser cringe. It is bad enough to shoot a politican/judge/adult whatever. But a kid... *rage*
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