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  1. Hello lat00uk, Welcome among us On europa you can find the HLP guild most evenings in New Haven if you need help. Also you can browse our online guide for new players. We explain a lot of things there, but for complicated/specific questions, you might want to get in touch with us or try to browse the forums or UOGuide.com Our website : http://haven.uosites.com/
  2. They corrected most of the KR bugs, well, at least the game stopping ones. And Europa is still a good place to be!
  3. You can make a death pit, a no door room you fall into from the level above A guild I used to play with had a funny "PvP" event. You pack a room with chests and boxes. Some of the chests contain weapons, some others contain armors, some other contains healing potions or bandages (reagents or whatever) Then everyone enter naked into the room, the last one standing is the winner. It is really funny to play and as funny to watch Well, they were very nasty by putting arrows in a different box than bows, same with reagents and spellbooks, but it was nice nonetheless
  4. I'd still prefer files to be loaded into uo, that way you can design and share with the others, no matter the shard you are on and it doesn't involve any trust process. Why make something complicated with permissions and tons of controls when there is a simple solution? K.I.S.S principle ftw Plus it would allow you to create a design database online with preview pictures and the like, I'd create such a website right away if they implemented such a thing for housing. Anyway, we proposed that years ago when they first implemented house customization. Not a chance we get heard
  5. There used to be Umbra General store, but I haven't been able to get in touch with the owner for some time. If I remember well she told me she had to take a break off uo. You have the mountain hollow shop which is selling plants. Maybe one of the YCG shops. If you find a good shop for plants, I'm highly interested!
  6. I'd love to see designs you can save in external files so you can share them on the net with other players. This would prevent more Borg cubes around the land. And the great designers among the community could sell tailored houses. I'm sure many would join just for that. Also you could add a tag in the file so the house sign says "Designed By". Well... we can dream, no?
  7. That would be helpful for sure That's what we designed the website for. We pass the address along with items when they arrive. We only aim the new players in their first dew days of playing to try and clear up things for them.
  8. Yeah, I've seen that some months ago, but I still wonder why... it should be part of the standart set of craftables. *edit* And like silver said, the book is rather hard to get. I can't imagine making a library in my keep with them It's more of the principle of adding paying items to the game which should be available from crafting or else for years.
  9. *sighs* they made the bookshelves a paying item... carpenters have been asking for them for like 11 years and they make us pay for it now. Bah!
  10. Hello fellow Britannians, I just wanted to share with you two big news regarding our website. First, we added video tutorials for both clients. Well... just one for KR since I don't want to finish putting them up to restart everything with SA... But there are now 10 videos for the 2D client. Concepts are the same between both clients for most topics. 2D Video tutorials Second, people can now post comments in all articles. So if you want to share extra bit of informations, you are most welcome I take the opportunity to remind everyone that if you want to contribute with articles (tem
  11. Well, just remove your credit card informations as soon as you created the account. And they won't be able to charge anything to you. And this will prevent you from forgetting!
  12. Don't hesitate to come and ask for help to our guild members! HLP is in New Haven most evenings and sometimes during the day. You can also browse our website : http://haven.uosites.com/
  13. I use Camtasia, but you can use Camstudio which is free. Then you need to use FLVEncoder to change the Avi into a light FLV. Camtasia is a paying software. I use it to create the tutorials I'm posting because it is really easy and fast to use. Plus it has some nice features.
  14. Europa has the best community for sure Good to be playing with them all!
  15. Hello and welcome aboard! If you need a hand, don't hesitate to come and contact the HLP guild. We will help you out! We're in New Haven most evenings.
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