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  1. I read two of the word bearers books, three of the soul drinkers, the second grey knights book and loads more. I've read warhammer 40k since 8th grade. Does anybody know where the roleplayers went?
  2. These days I'm more of a chaos guy and salamanders have never really been significant to me. I'm more a thousand sons/Word bearers person but thank you :3 Whats the max I should raise my skills, likely? Should anything require a 110, 115, 120 scroll, etc?
  3. I play on Atlantic. I'm gonna run through despise some. I did see some ogre lords down there and I got the repond slayer weapon so I should be good to go with this. I don't yet have SA, sadly. I'll likely get it next month.
  4. I never got the chance to be skilled at UO to begin with, seeing my account is a total of a year old at the very most according to my rewards thingy. I'm playing my necrowarrior with bushido. My skill levels are as follows: anatomy 98 Healing 82 Parrying 97 Swords 110 Tactics 104 Bushido 87 and necromancy is 90 Yesterday I farmed solen and made 100 powders of translocation to sell. I'd like to maybe work on some dungeons but my knowledge of the game is scant since I've returned. I don't know what dungeons I'd go to. Additionally a way to make some money would do me well, but its not urgent
  5. I'm planning on returning to the game shortly. The decision came after a nostalgic dream of UO dungeon crawling. I don't know if I'll be roleplaying Oldscale (those of you from a few years back may remember the Lizardman shaman in league with the vampires). I did make a recent short return but got sidetracked but I don't recall much of what happened than. What roleplaying guilds are still active? Anything for a necromancer/mage type caster?
  6. Thank you. Yesterday I was just collecting loot for trash points from shame and despise.
  7. My mage is fairly maxed. 100 eval int 100 mage 100 spell res 100 med 90 necro 95 wrestling 75 spirit speak What higher end PVM stuff can I access? I'd prefer to start out with easy things initially and figure out my comfort zone till I feel confident enough to leave it and go someplace else. If this is in the wrong spot, mods please move it.
  8. I'll probably reactivate sometime tonight or tomorrow. Thanks
  9. Has the quality of RP there improved? I tried about a year ago there and it was pretty awful, but they said the main RP teachers were improving it. Edit: That might've been chesapeake actually...
  10. I'm thinking about coming back to UO and I'm looking for a server thats good for roleplaying for somebody in an EST timezone. Also, not everybody is a gargoyle right? Because I intend to maybe play one.
  11. I'm selling a few superslayer books, including a demon, elemental, arachnid (I think) and repond slayer. ICQ 351334886 with offers.
  12. As some of you might have heard, there is a single lizardman roleplayer on this server. I am he. I'm looking for somebody else to join in . It can be more than one person too. As for the character, I RP Oldscale as being an elderly shaman who speaks to and helps the spirits (its a faith similar to that of Native Americans, or world of darkness spirits). Oldscale is from a tribe located on some small islands south of Brittania. He ventured here after slaying his own tribe members who fell down a path of worshipping giant creatures and savagery rather than worshipping the spirits and following a
  13. *dances* When are Chessy RPers normally on?
  14. I get freaked out during PVP and fail to react quick enough to survive. Also, I got nobody teaching me to PVP right now. If you reside on Atlantic, PM me with your ICQ if you want to teach me. Although right now I'm replacing necromancy/SS with archery/tactics.
  15. I might just stick with Atlantic. I could always make an alt for chessy though. Is there room for a witch hunter/inquisitor character?
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