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  1. So I have been told by a few people that sell suits like this that this suit is worth between 250m and 400m. So I guess I'll set the Buy Out at 400m, and start bidding at 250m. All Artifacts used in the build are included except one, which is listed below. Stats Resists: 70/70/70/70/75 Defense Chance Increase: 33 Mana Regen: 15 Hit Point Regen: 3 Lower Mana Cost: 38 Faster Casting: 2 Faster Cast Recovery: 6 Lower Reg Cost: 100 Luck: 2250 (+200 from 10th Anniversary Sculpture, Increases with Account Age) Mana Increase: 2 Int Increase: 15 Soul Charge: 20% The Set is Built
  2. Which site do you mean, Kay? I saw some in game for sale on vendors around Luna for like 8 million gold. Gonna probably be awhile before I can afford that. I guess not having an ethereal mount will be alright, I mean I played without one for a long time, and if I start with 90 taming, it probably wont be VERY long before I have 95.1 and can tame Nightmares. I used to LOVE taming them and selling them. Probably not much business for that any more, but poking around the old spots is going to at least feel nostalgic.
  3. Character name is Muezick. I wound up speaking to somebody in game on Pacific,and they mentioned somebody named Mesana at Broadsword who is doing a lot of helping with getting more difficult issues sorted out, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that? They told me to post on the stratics forums about it. Apparently she has an e-mail at broadsword you can contact her through. I am probably going to go with Taming, Lore, Vet, Magery, Med, Eval Int and resist spells I suppose. I am not sure how expensive reagents are these days but I remember thing being one key detriment to being a
  4. Well when you try and get customer support for Ultima Online, EA's website directs you to email uo@support.com (And this the only option available) or some such thing like that, and I know it's broadsword folks responding back to me, because they put their company signature in the e-mail response. I guess if I really want to play again, then I'll have to buy a new account and start all over. What ever, when I started this little quest, that is what I originally intended on doing in the first place. I just got so freakin excited at the idea of reclaiming my old account. R.I.P. 113 taming, 120
  5. I played on Chesapeake. Doesn't look like I'll be getting to play though. EA doesn't offer phone support for Ultima Online any more and the idiots at Broadsword Gaming aren't helpful. All they've done so far is confirm my account still exists, but every piece of information I give them that should verify the account is mine, they refuse. Now any time I e-mail them, I get this copy/pasted response. Nothing more frustrating then bad customer service. I'm beginning to suspect that some how, my account was compromised/hacked and the information on it was changed.
  6. Yeah but even so, I should still have *some* left over. The account would have like 5 years worth on it from the get go. better than starting at zero.
  7. Thanks for the info Guido. I mostly just Don't want to level my 115 taming again. also, all them vet rewards, muahaha. I'll see if I can get ahold of somebody at EA.
  8. So I remember my account name ... and that's about it. I had a bunch of high level characters. I'm guessing they're all gone and the account was deleted though, right? How difficult is it to start over? Do I have to buy the game and all the expansions again? Does taming still take years to level?
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