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  1. Hi, I am trying to add Ninjitsu to my thrower but finding gains stopped at 63.4 as I am a thrower I dont use a melee weap, and dont have stealth or hiding. Is there any secret to getting gains faster? Thanks
  2. They are aweome, come On the 1st Nov for our pvp tourney and i u win you can have one, and as a bonus gift you get to kill me. Its Occlo arena in fel at 8pm EST
  3. Please come back soon, we loved having you. Someone should have given you their dropbear as a gift.
  4. Damn missed you smurfs, should have come at a better time. Wheres me present? Hi Echo, wanna duel?
  5. I really dont think it will make that much of a difference, I pvp guys in the US on the shard and they are mostly faster than me (i am on an old laptop with a usb modem). And all classes are welcome so bring your GD and hide if you want. Its all about the fun of killing someone else and dancing on their ghost. Some of the top ten arena PvP's are from US and Brazil so go figure, maybe us Australians just cant fight. Oh and there is a twenty million gold purse to the winner and many more prizes. Like a prize for the most biazzre template; We want to see a beggar with Cartography fighting, h
  6. Its 8pm Australia EST, thank you to all those coming to die by my hand. Oh and all classes are welcome, we want to see gd's in the arena killing tinkers.
  7. ♥♥PVP♥♥ ?- We are holding a cross shard PVP Tourny at Oceania Occlo Arena 1st November at 8pm, winner gets 20 million there will be prizes and events.
  8. Whats the best ooption for a mage at Barracoon? Does a vermin slayer totem work with spells, also whats the best kind of book to use?
  9. I found a pair of earings on a thirteen yr old char that has +10 strength! put them on my new character and the attributes dissapear. Can earings be imbued with anything? I have some of he newer night sight ones but can you put anything else on them?
  10. I still like training a gd at swoops, so peacful until a changeling attacks
  11. Would the patch also affect zoo points? Mine have dropped dramatically.
  12. Have there been any new daily rares over the last few years? Where do they spawn? Thanks
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