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  1. It's on LS, and it sounds like it's the same reward, though the location of Cupid is different. It appears the EM's set them where they want them. It also appears that there is only a two week timer on Cupid. I've heard rumblings of a rare color, but haven't been able to confirm that yet.
  2. If you want to find out, log a character into Yomato, go to Yew Abbey, west side, and click on Cupid.
  3. You have to have 99+ skill on your character at all times to stay in vampiric embrace. This was nerfed 3-4 years ago. You used to be able to equip items, get into form, and then take them off and stay in vampiric embrace. This is no longer the case. If you un-equip the items and drop below 99+ skill, you will drop out of form.
  4. Some of the changes were needed, especially chain disarming dexxers (and yes I've played one so I've been on both sides of the issue). However, they took feint COMPLETELY away from the fencing class by removing it as a special from the leafblade, thus pretty much killing any fencing sampires. The cooldown on refresh pots (10 seconds for total refresh? Really?) coupled with the huge stamina hits is going to kill everyone. They went wwwaaaayyyy beyond what anyone was asking for. I'm not even going to get into the proc specials for mana and ssi reduction from wearing plate...(so you wear pla
  5. Try unraveling the loot from Shame. Even on the first level, if you make a few runs and fill a bag full each time, then unravel, you will get some relic frags. I have never NOT gotten at least one frag out of first level loot. The queen's forge doesn't give you increased odds of unraveling items to essence or frags, THAT is fixed by the properties they have on them. It would only give you a bonus to unraveling those items at slightly less than the normally required skill as well as giving a bonus to your success rate on imbues.
  6. This. I mistakenly omitted a similar comment in my reply above. Every one of my imbuers is a mage or mystic mage. There is no reason to not build the character to be able to gather their own resources for their skill. Mystic mages are incredibly potent in this game.
  7. My sampires run with 90 Parry and 90 Chiv. I have the ability, and at times have actually utilized, 90 Healing in place of the Parry. Because of the nature of the template, I'm finding Parry to be the skill I CAN do without in lieu of other things when necessary. In spite of that, I currently do have it on all of my sampy's. It's a situational thing.
  8. I'll offer a differering opinion than some others based on having built 120 imbuers on three shards. First of all, take your warrior/tamer/mystic/mage (any of these templates) to shame for a few days. Farm the first level, killing the mud pies and earth ellies. Loot everything from them. Hand it to your imbuing character. Have them unravel it all at the soul forge in Ter Mur or your house if you have a soul forge in your house. No need to worry about the queen's soulforge, which I'll get to momentarily. You will need a LOT of magical residue and a fair chunk of enchanted essence to hit
  9. The main chiv spells used are consecrate weapon (allows the damage on your weapon to hit the lowest elemental resist on the mob), enemy of one (doubles the damage on that mob type, but doubles the damage you take from mobs of other types), divine fury (increases hci, ssi, di, but at the cost of lowering your defense chance) and sacred journey (gets you around). Necromancy is used ONLY to cast vampiric embrace in a normal sampire. This puts you into vampire form, and allows you to leech life from your target with every hit. Bushido is used for a few things. First and foremost, when you ho
  10. I've always been of the mindset to burn Luna to the ground. I despise the place. I too miss WBB and the community there. Luna is an overcrowded lagfest on any reasonably populated shard. The funnest thing ever was the invasion a couple seasons ago that killed afk'ers and scripters. Laughed myself into hysteria over that event, too bad it was so short lived.
  11. I'll give you a slight tweaking to Martyna's template that I run: 120 Swords (though the character is also scrolled for fencing and macing so I CAN alternate) 120 Bush 100 Anat 100 Tactics 99 Necro 91 Parry 90 Chiv I went higher in Chiv as the changes of about a year or so ago really benefit from higher chivalry (ie. spell duration and casting effectiveness). Character is elf male (I don't do Semidur on this character), suit is 70/70/70/70/73, 40 LMC, 45 HCI, 45 DCI, 100DI, 30 HLD, 18 HPI, 4HPR, 1 SR, 41 SI, 8 MI, +10 STR, +10 Dex, +15 Int, 50% enhanced pots. Base stats are 120 str with
  12. I somewhat alluded to it...your gear, which was VERY nice 10 years ago, is now simply outdated. The birth of imbuing, reforging, enhancing with the guarantee tool pretty much means everything you have known about armor and weapons is out the door. The best suits are still crafted, but there is lootable items that will boggle your mind. It's a matter of integrating them with crafted pieces to make a killer suit. The armor and weapons you see people carrying now will absolutely floor you (and it's common). Bottom line, I reiterate, you need to hook up with people that have some current exper
  13. Great Lakes is still a reasonably busy shard, I'd say second to Atlantic in population. There is a decent role play community (if you're into that), and enough peeps around to do joint hunts with and help get you going. It's still a very active shard. I'd look up Guild of Friends (GoF) or Cuzz that's how we Roll (-Y-) guild as two that are pretty helpful to noobs (sorry, but after 8-10 years, you'll be one in modern UO). You're bard/tamer will still be a valuable character (and even now, working up taming flat out SUCKS), and you're fencer will be as well with some skillups. I'd suggest y
  14. The other option would be to always execute the program in "administrator" mode. That's how most people have fixed the problem, myself included.
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