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  1. Let me suggest that you read our TOS and AUP before asking or posting about so-called 'free shards'. We're an official fansite. We have no affiliation with any 'free shards'. We do not offer support for any 'free shards'. Because of our official affiliation with Broadsword, we do NOT allow discussion of 'free shards'. Consider this your only warning. It's a get out of jail free card. You're getting it because you actually made a polite post. Such posts are more than welcome as they relate to the official game. I'm going to make 2 suggestions - 1) You managed to find the free-shard
  2. It was replaced with GGS in 2002. I'm pretty sure I remember it being in game pretty much from the beginning. It was definitely before Renaissance, and I'm pretty sure it was before T2A.
  3. Nobody that hasn't wanted to get perma-banned.... Not going to pretend the program doesn't exist. Would appreciate it if you followed site rules and not mention it again. Thanks.
  4. Typical? No. Does it happen? Yes. Nothing to worry about. LS is an old lady, and sometimes falls down, but so far, she's always gotten back up again.
  5. Did you install the latest version of DirectX 9? It's not installed by default w/Win7 (or 8, 8.1 or 10...) and is needed to run the EC.
  6. Yes, there are many so-called free options out there, and many places to discuss them. Here is not one of them. And just a friendly reminder - if not for the "care-bears", there would be no need for these forums, or any of the other official fan-sites, because UO would have shuttered over a decade ago. So, as a friendly reminder, that particular insult, or others of a similar ilk are also not welcomed here. Thanks.
  7. Please ask before advertising... but thanks for the costume tips. I'm sure folks will enjoy it.
  8. You're going to have to provide a bit more information as to the date - and for the record, Bodies was released in 2001. Renaissance came out in 2000. https://www.google.com/search?num=30&safe=off&q=drowning+pool+bodies+ultima+online&oq=drowning+pool+bodies+ultima+online&gs_l=serp.3...100325.109946.0.110313. returned a few hits, but none that I could see before 2009. Good luck with your search.
  9. Would that be This ? Because if it's anything that's in violation of either our or Broadswords TOS/AUP, this will be a short lived topic. I strongly suggest you read and understand them before continuing, even though you've already acknowledged them. Thanks.
  10. This thread has already been hit once with a 3 year necro - now we have a 2 year necro. Should have been locked the first time - it is locked this time.
  11. Less than 3 months, probably still there. More than 3 months, poof.
  12. Smedley was, and still is, a LOT more accessible, and he's also been a LOT more communicative over the years. Orders of magnitude more. Yeah, he's a ******, but he's honest about it.
  13. I'm kind of beyond being disturbed by anything the people at EA/Mythic/Broadsword do/don't do anymore. Our last savior turned out to be relatively scummy, and ruined (IMO) the reputations of a couple of other sites dedicated to UO and Ultima. There is nobody on the current staff, regardless of which banner was flying over the door, that bothered to pay any real attention to the fansites that didn't have a name that won't be mentioned. And, of course, those devs that DID make the effort to be a part of the wider community were all somehow pushed out. Oh, I'm sure that closing a studio that
  14. Without meaning to sound snarky, people have been saying UO was on the way out since 1999 or so, when Everquest launched. It's still here, and has recently been taken over by a separate company (Broadsword), so I'm not personally ready to sound the death knells yet. Is there a low population throughout the game? Yes, there is. The same holds true for pretty much any game that isn't WoW or Eve Online. The Pacific and Atlantic shards are still fairly busy, and there always seems to be some people on Lake Superior, but if you're looking for hundreds or thousands of people at a time, I'm afr
  15. 1) Purchasing the game - yes and no. What you download for the trial is yours, and is all but the last expansion and booster. You will have to buy the Stygian Abyss and the High Sea's Booster. 2) You're 15 years too late for killing people and stealing their houses. That died with the release of Renaissance. 3) Advice for playing? Just play. Find your groove, maybe find a guild, build your house, just play.
  16. Are you getting this - http://ultimaonline.communitytoolbars.com/in your address bar? If not, you should consider doing a deep scan of your own system. A site scan by VirusTotal shows it as completely clean, so it's likely you are being re-directed. https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/617b8f7e23c0507323c11d645da6b97662c6015f687b8a8e7383d1b947401e97/analysis/1434591022/
  17. In Engrish.... GameMay 26, 2015 - 1:38pm[important] Japan domestic sales Ultima Online-related code support the end of the Notice of Dear Customer Dear the top patronage of the "Ultima Online", Thank you very much. This time, it became a thing where I am With regard to related code that has been sold in Japan for customers of "Ultima Online" available, Womochimashite to end the support 59 pm July 31, 2015 23. Along with this, Ultima Online-related code that has been sold in Japan the above date and time later, the use is all disabled becomes improper. We would therefore, like if you have an
  18. Just to re-iterate what Ray stated, most serious buyers/crafters won't be buying in small quantities. When I was still purchasing, I wouldn't bother with quantities of less than 1k, 2.5k and 5k each for the top 3 ingot types, 20k of everything else except for iron, which was (if I was buying from a vendor) always 60k. As for price, *I* never paid more than 38gp per Valorite ingot, and as often as not, bought large quantities for 30gp each. Some people think they're worth a lot more, and others think less. Start at 35, and if they sell out, raise the price slightly. But people won't come
  19. Kayhynn posted more contact options that are at the top of every page. The same contact info can more or less be found over on uo.com, although they still haven't bothered to make certain changes there, such as the non-existence of Bioware/Mythic. Another option, which may or may not bear any fruit, is hitting up the official UO Twitter account - https://twitter.com/uoherald This game is rapidly approaching 20 years in age, and customer service/support has never really been at the top of the priority list. Not that they're bad people - they just don't like to talk to anyone outside of the
  20. You can try barmstrong@broadsword.com. or try to leave Messana a PM on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.s.armstrong), but beyond that, nothing more current.
  21. Unless the mechanic has changed, you can 'cycle' the npc vendors in each town, meaning each time you visit, they'll double their stock, up to 999 of each. There is a time limit, and if they cycle twice, it will return to the default amount. And unless you have a 100% LRC suit and the patience of Job, have at least a beetle to help haul everything.
  22. Not going to comment on the template question - I really don't have an opinion on the topic. However.... (/begin obligatory preach mode) 1) As Petra pointed out, we only support official EA/Broadsword shards. It's one of the requirements for us to be an official fansite. 2) Your initial post was made after midnight EDT - most of our userbase was already in bed, or close to it, or on their way to work (or getting ready for it). 3) The vast majority of our users won't typically answer questions involving anything to do with free/alternative shards. If they do, it's usually a gentle reminder
  23. contact@broadsword.com
  24. And the simple truth is, unless you played for more than a few months, it may not really be worth the effort. Odds are very good that your stats will be sub-par, you'll have no items of any real value, you certainly won't have a house, and you probably won't have a butt-load of gold laying about. If you played for relatively close to a year or more, than at least there may be a 1 year vet reward in your near future. Otherwise... See if you can remember, and if you had some time invested, then maybe it's worth it. Otherwise, just upgrade your trial account. At least that way, you'll know
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