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  1. -RM- rocked the bagball defence walls! I do believe that's me sitting in the little one under the trees there
  2. For me, good RP is basically anything random that weaves itself into my character's experiences. It can be something as simple as a guard glaring every time I walk by to a full blown war between factions. If it is something my character can react to and be affected by, and it doesn't break immersion, then cool. The more open ended and organic, the better, though. I'm not a big fan of "We will be RPing x which will have the outcome of y". If I wanted to spend my time reading someone else's lines, I'd join an am-dram group, and nobody "writes" your character as well as you can.
  3. Let me clarify a little. I'd agree that people who still play UO want it to remain the same, or at the very least, broadly similar. However, I think that there is room to revamp certain aspects, such as the rewards system, in order to bring new blood into the game, and keep them there. That said, what's wrong with living through a few changes? Nothing lasts forever, and nothing stays the same forever. Those who were around to see the beginning of the Tram ruleset and the AoS changes complained bitterly about both... and thengot used to the change. We adapt to fit the times we live in. Why c
  4. Hmmm... If I'd kept paying my oldest account every single month, it would be coming close to being a 12 year vet account by now. The other account should be 7 year vet. Over the years, I've cancelled and reactivated both accounts because of lack of time to play, lack of funds to pay, and other, varying reasons, so one account is coming up on 60 months, and the other is just over 72. I wouldn't want to pay for extra months adding to either account, even if I had the money (which I emphatically don't) because UO is a game. Pixels on a screen. And paying out just to age my account seems pretty si
  5. On a side note, Tabbs, you need to fix the clickable link, it takes you to an error page
  6. Trying to find a pic of me that I don't actually hate. Not having much luck... the nicest one is of me with severe anaemia...
  7. UO with shiny graphics and the freedom to build and create of SL, with a decent story led levelling/quest system.
  8. Maybe Dev needs to let Su-mi out of the basement first....
  9. Have a top time at Uni, mate, and try not to drink ALL the ale in the first week!
  10. And back again! Hurrah! Tiring journey, but the holiday was fabulous!
  11. Actually, I can. It's called home brewed ale and mead. Also, there'll be 10 of us lurking around together, plus my mum is involved, so we're guaranteed a laugh, at her new wig, if nothing else P.S. Byeeeeee!!!
  12. No, you prat, I censored the time! I'm going to the South coast of England.
  13. Oh I shall! Friends descending from all over the place, my mum and stepdad, and the South coast. What's not to enjoy?
  14. I'm around for the weekend, and then I'm away on my hols at *censored* on Monday morning. Back again on Friday the 2nd, though I may well be blasted from the 7 hour journey. Either way, I'll be back in the land of RP on Saturday the 3rd.
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