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  1. Im playing Atlantic Im DeadHooves on there, playing a tamer/mage in New Haven
  2. Im loving the game so far, so I went ahead and purchased Styggian Abyss + 30 months! Thanks guys!
  3. Alright Ill seperate into 2 different characters thanks!
  4. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  5. Well I gave the game a solid 5 hour shot last night, and so far its very good, I met someone who helped me get set up for some good fighting (crafted me way better gear for where Im at) and I met a few others that were rather nice and farmed Clay Golems with me lol. I plan on continuing the 14 day trial and seeing how I feel at the end Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'm currently downloading the game now for trial I have played UO style PvP before though so Im hoping I wont be toooooo behind lol though I do expect intense pwning. Also, are macros heavily used in this game? From what I read people use them like crazy, and I really hate the thought of not having to work to be "finished" build wise. Its not a total deal breaker, but I would like to know
  7. Alright, SO I've always wanted to play UO, and I wanted to ask some questions before I commit! 1. Is the game still open world full loot PvP? I heavily enjoy PvP, and having a good system for it is important to me. 2. Where can you even purchase this game? I look at orgins and the "Styggian abyss + new account" says I need the styggian abyss upgrade first? 3. What dlc do you need to have all the expansions? Again the orgin store doesn't even really comprehend UOs existence. 4. How bad is the learning curve actively? Thanks for any help provided!
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