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  1. Join us on October 28th, 2013 @ 8 PM EST as we debut our Annual Battle Chicken Championships! Opening ceremonies will see a speech by the Governor of Minoc, entrance fee collections, and random pairing for the first round of battles. Bring your most eligible, trained greater chickens to compete for the grand prize of $1,000,000 gold. An entrance fee of 50,000 gold is required for every chicken entered. A player can enter up to 3 chickens. All entrance fees go to fund the building of our Minoc Docks to enhance trade and commerce for our great city. Taking place over that following week, depen
  2. UOA itself works for me. The loading is broken yes but I just continue and it loads fine. ~ Sue.
  3. Well, maybe it doesn't have to be something completely new. It could be linked from the menu here. But I do see that you guys have the Auction and the Guilds thing and those sites are not used much at all. It does seem that the forums are your strong suit. Honestly, it just might not be a good idea to spin off something new if you have had some difficulties with similar endeavors. I know my guild leader has an idea for an RP site for Catskills that basically has all its news "in character" that she's working on (similar to Pax Lair Times). It would be nice to have something like that b
  4. We do. CoD had a sister guild called Xiled from Humanity (XH) that had members that came from EBK. Dantrag was GM of that guild and the GM of CoD, Pandora (who played Memphisto) was co-GM of XH. He was in charge of the fights/game mechanics/members, etc. she was in charge of the community (forums, websites, tourneys, videos, etc). I played Blasphemy back in the day... had 2 of them: one that was Factions and one that was perma red. We lived by the 3M's... Money Murder and Mayhem. ~ Sue.
  5. I have a question about this. Are you looking to incorporate different sections for each shard? Separate from the forums themselves? I would like to see something like that and if that was done, I might be tempted as well as a few folks in my shard that I know of, to participate. If its just going to be the forums, I would rather pass for now. ~ Sue.
  6. DATE: Monday Sept. 30th TIME: 8 PM EST PLACE: Lord Blackthorn’s Castle in Britain With the permissions of our Emissaries, we will be holding the first ever Governor’s Inaugural Ball at Lord Blackthorn’s Castle for all the elected governors of the 4th quarter term of 2013. Join us in this special “Black Tie” celebration at the castle, beginning at 8 PM by the eastern skies. All our governors are encouraged to participate and prepare a speech, if they so like. They will be granted the podium for their speech and thank you’s for 10 minutes each. I realize we have not gotten our meeting wi
  7. Here is one I am hosting on my character Ariana, she's governor of Minoc. http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=100625&p=633107#post633107 Join the fun! ~ Sue.
  8. Guys, we're still seeking more folks to come join us. We need folks that can work up characters for PvM/RPvP purposes. Come make a character on Catskills and get a hold of us, we will love to show you some of our RP. We got some really cool events coming up. Check out our websites! ~ Sue.
  9. I think Felucca should be completely redesigned. First of all, I hate the barren trees everywhere... ugh. I am soooo tired of it looking like a wasteland. Give us back the trees! Secondly, I'd like them to add the "guard whack" feature back to the towns, moongates, and surrounding the towns' perimeters (like the towers I mention below). Meaning that no reds can go into those areas without being automatically killed. I know that you can still call guards on them now if they attack you, but I dislike that. I think if you are going to be red, you should live off the land itself (and the ve
  10. I am a bit miffed that Luna and Umbra were not included in the Governorship System. Malas has no real "monarch" that I am aware of, so it would be easy for the King to lay claims to that territory, or at least it would prove for a great story arc. I wouldn't want to just have anyone be "King"; I strongly disapprove of that. And Felucca has its own system, that personally I would like to see completely revamped. My vote is for Malas to be added to the Kingdom of Britannia and thus be allowed to have representing governors. ~ Sue.
  11. Welcome back to the game!!! We too were away from the game for 8 years before our return in 2010. ~ Sue.
  12. Held on Friday October 11th, 2013 at 7:00 PM by the Eastern Skies! It would be open to grandmaster miners for an entrance fee of 50,000 gold that is donated to the city. Miners would be given (or they could provide) a packhorse and allowed 5 shovels. They would have to be completely empty of all other items including armor, jewelry, etc. — a simple robe would be provided. A search would be done to ensure the integrity of the competition. Mining will commence at 8 o'clock sharp and would be limited to the Minoc Mines, just across the bridge. The Royal Britannian Guards of Minoc and of
  13. Salisadus. We're definitely still here. However we no longer occupy much territory in Felucca, we have moved to Malas > Umbra. We're just west of the city of Umbra, there are some houses there just over the west bridge that are marked as "CoD West Umbra", they all have teleporters to our gated community of Vamp's Lair (the new one) found in the old abandoned orc fort just further west of Umbra. Come see us! And we all still have our old websites and everything --- http://www.childrenofdarkness.com ~ Sue.
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