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  1. Thanks for the information. I will definitely be interested. I need to find a way to display more than I have. Should not be a problem, as I have an open area of the main floor of the castle that doesn't have any thing there. So I can put some of the rarest/unique ones there, and then the others spread around as I have now. Hoping to be online Friday night - been a long, rough week.
  2. I really wanted to attend - but had an awesome weekend with my wife (except for the stupid Denver delays). When I did get home, I tried to see if there was anything related to it on the forums or on the shard, but didn't see anything. Sorry to hear you didn't win. I am sure I would not have won either - but would have been cool to participate and a chance to get something to go into the BOW museum that I have. As for the tele tiles, I may be interested. I first need to work something out with someone with a tele tile hub to get a chance to place it. My museum is coming together nicely (my op
  3. Greetings. Is the event this weekend an EM run event or an alliance? I am asking because, as a collector of archery related items (including bows), I would so be interested in attending this. However, this weekend, I am out of town to visit my wife, and will not be able to get on the Internet at all to participate. I hate missing out on this in hopes of picking up some items for the museum, but my wife trumps pixels. So wanted to see what someone may know about it. But if anything is given out that someone would like to donate, I would be greatly appreciative. And come check out my place
  4. Sorry for the delay. I have been offline for a week. Took time off for my 24th wedding anniversary (spent the long weekend with my wife) and then I was hit with a stomach virus that is going around, that took me out up until today. So just getting back to the forums since early last week. I am on Pacific. I do have a character on Atlantic, and occasionally do a transfer when I get enough items to warrant it. So will add you to ICQ this weekend and maybe we can meet up. Thanks for the response. Charles/Ratmyr.
  5. I have another plot for a stone keep that if someone is looking for one, I can point them too. I tried to give it a way a couple weeks ago and had to drop it when I got my castle. So let me know if someone desires one. I sat in Haven trying to catch new players to give them it, but didn't find anyone interested.
  6. Thanks for the response. Right now - I am willing to take what I can. Even a little bit gets me further on my project than waiting for the bulk. My main is Phoenyx Ratmyr, and I am normally in game around 4pm Pacific after I get home from work (normally say hi to everyone when I log in). So if you do have some and up for a sale, will love to meet up with you in game. Also - for everyone - soon I hope to have my bowyer museum ready for people to come visit, and if someone has unique stuff to donate or sale, I may be interested (spent what I had to get the castle, but always interested in addi
  7. Wanted to make a note that I am still looking for the grass (may even need to look for snow tiles, but grass is current focus). I believe with another 100 tiles, I may be completed with my courtyard project. Wished the swamp tiles resembled the actual swamp, instead of each one bubbling. In any case - just wanted to say I am still looking. Thank you. Charles/Ratmyr.
  8. My wife would never play the game - and I have never really been able to get her to play any of the games I play - unless they were an iPad type game. But my son plays almost anything I play, and lately plays more than I do due to my back issues and sometimes lack of enthusiasm due to the pain and the meds. But he is enjoying it. He loves the customization aspect and the ability to have a house and decorate it. But he is also picking up on crafting and hunting, though nothing major as of yet. I think his interest will stay with UO.
  9. Greetings! As the title reads, I am looking to buy a large quantity of grass at a reasonable price. I am looking for 150-200, if not more and pricing around 50k or so. This is being used for decorating my bowyer museum. Anyone that can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Charles/Ratmyr
  10. So update - it has taken some time, but I finally got my first castle. I am currently trying to acquire items to decorate it. I moved my BOW museum from the house in Malas to the castle (which is on what I used to refer to as Ice island, but it doesn't seem to be called that - so the island with Deceit on it). So soon I will have my archery and bowyer related items on display and as always, looking for other unique/special/rare bows to add to the collection. I love the ability to decorate the courtyard. Eventually will want to get some rubble walls to make another room, but for now I am focuse
  11. Just following up. I have my castle now and quite content in location, especially since it is about 20 steps below a home I have near it. So wanted to close this thread. Thanks. Charles/Ratmyr.
  12. Thanks - glad I didn't tear it down yet. Didn't know about the cross-shard, though I am sure it may not meet those whom have been collecting christmas items longer.
  13. I was wonderng what the outcome was for this. Due to my health, I wasn't able to be on, and I believe I saw Pink won, but was there anything for the other contestants as well as comments? There was nothing posted on my bulletin board or dropped in my mailbox, so unsure how mine did. Thanks. Charles/Ratmyr.
  14. Hail. With my growing archery museum items, I am going to need to look into a bigger place for storage and display. As such, I wanted to post so that others know I am looking for a castle. I would prefer trammel, but will consider felucca. Preferred areas include Deceit's island, swamp or Yew area. Yew is my ultimate location, but I know this will be the hardest to find/afford. Castles near the western side of the island would be of interest due to a place I already have there. Last item, i am loaded with gold, so I may have to turn down certain offers. Hoping someone who has the desi
  15. Nice - I am expecting Arkham Origins for the XBOX. Beyond that - I am not sure. I did pick up the latest C&C collection from EA's site for my son and I. I have most of the games anyways, but they are spread among a ton of disks. So this gives just one disk for all of the games. So looking to relive some memories (since I started playing UO right after beta testing Command & Conquer Sole Survivor). I did ask my wife for a Castle for Christmas - she didn't get it...
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