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  1. Thank you a lot for your reply all what you said is pushing me to come back..but..ge...general chat? This is something I wanted to avoid..I hate it on modern mmorpg, because you just watch this chat more than the game. In UO the nice thing for me was to meet all travellers and the amazing speech-over-head. But well I can survive with it. Since i'm EU Located, I was thinking to go back to my original server I used to play (Europa), but I'm not sure it's still enough populated. I read Atlantic and Pacific are the most populated one, maybe this would be a better pick. thanks!
  2. Hi ppl, thank you for your time in helping a nostalgic player with his decision I played UO for 7 years between 2000-2007 and still today it's my best mmorpg experience I ever had. I sold my account (and I still repent badly) because I stopped playing online. 2 Years a go I decided to get again an healty online addiction, but I can't tell you my disappointment after trying so many modern mmorpgs (both sub and f2p). What I am basically missing: - The community interaction (a global chat and instanced dungeons are FOR SURE NOT ENOUGH to define a mmorpg social where you have to do actually th
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