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  1. Title: Flint's Logbook. Owner: Cael Flintarrow. I figured I may aswell write up my account of things that have occured in my time so far. Bear with me as it's a recollection of the past in which most of my time has been spent drunk. I vaguely remember my first day upon joining the navy, I was a woodsman whisked off over the harsh winter sea to dock upon a frozen island next to a small settlement that soon grew. I often stood guard in the tower overlooking the oceans horizon, wondering and watching. I can't recall anything for a long time after that, only snippets like tending a thing with
  2. In my opinion that top guy looks like a Troll.
  3. Iv'e heard that stealing weapons isn't allowed anymore due to the new roe not stating it... If this is true i think they need to revise it and let weapons be once again stolen. An example, my thief steals some gems and the owner notices, he attacks me... Naturally i'd disarm him and steal his weapon to render him helpless and live to tell the tale. Another scenario is that if a guard is standing at ease, a thief could easily come up to them and either snatch the weapon from their hands or slip it from it's sheath. Could someone let me know if weapons are still stealable?
  4. Iv'e heard talk about thieves stealing when they walk past, now if your an experienced thief, you know the trade well. So when prepared your able to steal an item out of the yellow bag as you strole past someone. And iv'e noticed 95% of the time if a thief is behind someone and emotes something like *Slyly takes an item from your backpack* You would not notice, yet people always chase the thief due to reading the rp'ed emote. Honestly i think that a master thief shouldn't even emote what he does due to this. Besides you wouldn't know if someone stole from you unless you saw the item disapear
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