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  1. Hi I came across a couple spools of thread of invulnerability and am wondering how to use it on a armor piece. Anyone have experience with this item?
  2. I can tell you this, if your account is reall old like 10 years ago, it was most likely deleted, my first account was. Try and remember your email addy from back then, that helps a lot. Go to the EA games site and to the contact is option and keep selecting more help till you come to the call me screen and then select Origen not ultima online option, leave phone number and they WILL call you pretty quick. Tell them the name that the credit card was under and then maybe they can help you in some way. Good luck
  3. Got time to tell me about these paintings ?
  4. No offense taken, it's very possible to trust someone in this game and get scammed . We actually discussed testing it out but quickly dismissed that thought on account of the cost of shooting a cannon if you don't have the chars to make the materials yet. It's crazy expensive
  5. I figured out how to remove them, pretty simple really just click once and remove, DOH I'm pretty sure I had my ship access set on public/officer which allows anyone on my ship with the thought that only an officer could get on my ship. Someone just came up and stole em. I would never guess that someone could go onto a public boat and remove deeded items, you can't do it in a house . Live and learn I guess Thanks for all the replys
  6. Well that's possible but not what happened, I could go on and on how that's not the type person he is. Known him a long time. On top of that, together we only had enough resources to shoot 10 charges , we were both training chars to get the ingredients to make shooting cannons possible. Plus he had his own ship with the free cannons I made for his ship, LOL
  7. Yes I made new cannons and placed them and until I figure out what went wrong I'll be dry docking it for sure. It's strange that I can't remove them myself but somehow they were removed or just dissapeared on me. I have had a friend go up and try to remove them too, he can't do it either. I was wondering if someone shot cannons at them and destroyed them but my ship is in pristine condition. not only that but if someone were able to shoot them up, it would cost a fortune in resources just to blow up someone's cannons. Weird
  8. Yes it was next to shore and I had it set on public/ captain. I have since changed that but still I have not figured out how to remove the cannons even as a owner, I can however go up and hit my anvil and forge with an axe and return them to deed form. By the way, the anvil and forge were not missing.
  9. Hi I left my boat out and when I got on it a couple days later the cannons were gone. Where what or who could have destroyed taken or stole them ? I made more cannons and tried hitting them with an axe and it didn't return them to deed form . I'm wondering if someone got on my ship and somehow removed them. What's up with this ? I've searched the net and have not come across much info regarding high seas cannons other than the ingredients used in firing them and how to shoot em. Thanks for any replies.
  10. Hi I need a set of 10 each 70 skill locked boxes Gm locked boxes Will pay 150 k
  11. Tonight I selected the Origen selection instead of the ultima online selection in EA's help menu and left a phone number for them to call me. Finally I got my money refunded, the guy was really helpful and took it to his supervisor. Yes they are having probs with all kinds of stuff. I want to buy the high seas upgrade but I think I'll wait until they make some sort of announcement or maybe I'll buy one and have them apply it to my account for me. All is good I guess
  12. I wouldn't buy anything from them till they get their act together. I purchased a styg abyss upgrade from them which was invalid and two weeks later I'm still getting the runaround with endless emails and different people asking me for the same info over and over. I've probably spent 2 hours on the phone with people at ea but the people responsible for taking care of this supposedly don't have phones and use email as the form of communication. They act like I'm trying to steal 19.99 from them.
  13. Get out there and drop books at the moon gates letting everyone know your intentions and icq numbet , they will see em and then your good to go .
  14. I've seen plenty of people in Brit and at the yew moon gate that are both in factions and just regular pvp'rs . Since you left the game I'm sure a lot of things have changed, get ready to have your a$$ handed to you
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