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  1. I hated the old guard whack rule. Want to help kill pvp? Do this idea.
  2. I would be down for something different but too many *inappropriate content* left in the game. *More inappropriate content*. I like the lines of thinking though. Guido, if you'd like to edit my posts don't wave the mod "e-peen" around. You're more than welcome to your opinions but if you don't like mine, just delete the post.
  3. Yeah this is part of the new armor revamp (Refinements) system. You can learn a little more about it here: http://www.uoguide.com/Publish_81
  4. Not much to fletching these days. Mostly comes down to imbuing for bows. I've not had much luck with Runic Reforging but may be something youd like to give a shot. Welcome back and have fun.
  5. Atlantic is the most populated shard. I wouldn't call Pacific any more populated than say Great Lakes or Europa etc. Stop by Great Lakes sometime, we'll show you around.
  6. I still play Great Lakes but have chars all over the shards. Let me know what you need to get started or if you have any questions.
  7. Hi Veldrane, Many PVM templates are now centered around Sampires, but others are tamers and mystic/mages. As suggested before www.uoguide.com is a good source of information. UO.stratics.com also has a nice compiled bit of info, and okay forums when it's not being over moderated by Petra Fyed. Feel free to stop here again with any questions you may have. Have fun.
  8. Hi GSXR, Atlantic is the most populated shard and will be the best bet to get started. Other shards are good too, but not as populated. Feel free to post here if you have questions. Other sites that will be useful to you are: UO Stratics *New* Ultima Online Gameplay Guide - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia Stratics has forums that are a good source also. Enjoy the game.
  9. Says the one who hasn't played in 6 months.
  10. This is like saying even though the car is only running on two cylinders we shouldn't fix it or buy a new car since it is still running. If something of mine is broken I either fix it or get rid of it. I don't keep throwing money at it hoping it will fix itself.
  11. .....it didn't mean literally the publish. The publish is an update for the items you can get by buying the "theme pack". But that was the majority of the publish, which is why I said buy the publish. Are people really this dense? Do I have to be literal in everything I say for them to understand? What gives?
  12. I'm guessing the vendor search feature will be another $9.99 "publish". As far as content, at this point I don't care what we call it, just please add some. I may even be willing to pay extra for it. As far as vets, being a vet holds no value to the current team. They are more worried about giving everyone everything to keep it "fair".
  13. Here a picture is worth a thousand words. If you do not grasp this, then nothing will help you. I have not given this much thought until recently, but how many other publishes have there been that we've had to buy in order to use?
  14. I'm not sure it matters what label you apply to it. If I wanted to play the SIMS I would. I don't want pointless deco, and 720 skill cap was not a bug, soooooo....what's next? I hope they give us some content next time, but for now my accounts went inactive as of the today, so here's hoping they give me a reason to reactivate them.
  15. If it takes them months for this type of "expansion" then UO is certainly doomed. We know it isn't that they are not capable of producing content since they pushed out things like refinements etc. I just wonder if they have any clue as to what they are doing.
  16. Having the option limited to Siege and Mugen is completely pointless and only gives advantage to those who play Siege. And yes that would be limiting because often pets take more damage than you can heal depending on the target. This also makes vet skill almost completely pointless other than to rez your pet, which will now be occuring more if this goes through. I totally agree with the last line. Huge waste of devs time and money. Either way, another botched job by the Devs.
  17. I understood it just fine. One house for Siege and One for prodo. But why only siege and not allow everyone to have an extra house on what ever shard(s) they choose? I didn't think they were ever getting two houses on Siege/Mugen. I disagree about PVM as it limits those with pet.
  18. It looks like they are turning UO into the SIMS. What happened to publishing actual content to the game? I'm ok with everyone getting 720 skills as I think they could have better rewards for UOs loyal subscribers. Aggroing for healing in PVM makes no sense, and even less sense they didn't include it in PVP. I am confused why they allowed an extra house for siege and not other shards? Aren't we all paying the same amount?
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