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  1. Ultima Online Charter Edition * Characteristics: Same as above. * Included: Same as above, plus a Hildebrandt print. * Original List Price: $99.95 (In 1997) The "Charter Edition" was available from Origin by preorder, and also in limited quantities after the regular edition shipped. the only differences are a larger box,[/s] the inclusion of the above-mentioned artwork, autographed by the Hildebrandt brothers, and the autograph of Lord British (Richard Garriott) on the box. More info: http://www.surfing.net/ultima/ucg/uo_ce.html Here is what one with all the contents sold f
  2. I just received an old game I still play from time to time. :occasion18: :qgreenjumpers: I remember being so mad when I heard about this too late and couldn't get one. I have played UO off and on since the public release. I remember looking at the strategy guide way before the game came out with my buddy. We would try to guess how cool it would be and how we were going to kill dragons and take over entire towns! Never took over a town, but I have loved this game for what seams like forever. So I searched around and found one. It wasn't easy. I won't say what I got this for, but I will say tha
  3. Well i'll pay $100 for an unopened box like the one that went for the raffle a few months ago.
  4. PAYING $100 FOR UNOPENED CHARTER EDITION UO!!!! I'm pretty sure none of the original 50,000 original players are on here but I am looking for the original game with the box and all to buy as a collectors item. The Charter Edition. I have searched Ebay, and throughout the web. All I have found is the artwork, but nobody selling the game. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but I didn't see any other that fit so I guess the mods will move it if it isn't. And I know I am reg. as a new member, but I can assure you, this is not spam, and I am not trying to break any for
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