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  1. The simpliest way to cancel your account is to log into the Mythic Account page and then select your account and then at the bottom hit the red button that says cancel account. Its pretty simple, I did it just a couple of days ago.
  2. I know this ia long shot but I dont suppose anyone managed to loot it and feel like giving some of the stuff back? The soulstones if nothing else?? It fell within the last couple of days (My computer blew up and I had to wait for spares to get back into the game fully). The sorta stuff that was in it was a load of golden boxes, heritage tokens, gold checks, arties, dyes etc etc.. alot of halloween deco. Long shot I know :/
  3. If you have characters etc missing then it may be worth contacting Mesanna to see whats up. Oh I nearly forgot lol Welcome back!!!
  4. Eh sounds like one of the reasons I dont touch their crap anymore!!
  5. I'm envious... I wanna go but no-way in hell can I afford to go to the states
  6. LOL Hey I'm not that bad. I've been managing websites for the last 17 years!!!
  7. Hehe sadly my writing skills are a bit lacking. I'm more of a admin/management kinda person lol
  8. Hehe kinda glad I avoided being recruited as a reporter now!! lol Oh yeah whens that party at your mansion??
  9. Now that sounds like alot of fun!! Does lurking and posting in the chat box count as activity? lol
  10. Just wondering if this is still for sale or not?
  11. Heya Ama! I've been waiting for you to come on ICQ as I have some items for the auctions. Have you changed your ICQ??
  12. Ok cool, yeah wife clobbered me at 1am and dragged me to bed, I saw you replied about 10 mins after I left LOL. I'll be about (I tend to leave UOF open). If you can roughly how many hours from now is your afternoon? Damn time zones.
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