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  1. Took 169 attempts to get all 20 of the new gears. The last one needed was Battle on Stones, a common gear.
  2. Took 250 drops for me to get one mempo. Wish they would give us the means to turn in 100 tokuno marties for one mempo (only one per account).
  3. The beta code RNG hates me....still hoping and wishing.
  4. A large chunk of items and containers are missing from homes in and around Luna on Great Lakes. First occurred overnight. Chrissay has already posted the issue is not a hacking, or account security issue. More than likely a revert will be coming after the issue is fixed.
  5. *looks in horror at a town with so much missing* I hope you get all your Luna area homes fixed and your items returned.
  6. Yes one direction, but you can turn them with an interior decorator tool.
  7. I don't mind seeing bugs in beta. That's to be expected. A raw game just can't be consumed like a raw steak (ummm carpaccio), but I'm willing to be patient for a well done game. Just hoping Mythic has more patience to season SA until it's well done. Please don't release it too soon like KR was.
  8. Strange....just made a male human pirate char with hair, beard, and patched eye. Ended up with bald, beardless human sans patch over eye wearing elven wear.
  9. Do you get the choice to create and name your characters? At the bottom of one of those first few gumps, you should be able to toggle for your choice of male/female and human/elf.
  10. Have a work around solution for your issue, was mine too! If you are in a house, on a house plot, or in a building (like Luna bank), re-opening any container in legacy container mode, will show nothing. Also moving any item in your backpack that you can see will render it invisible to the eye, but it's description will show when you mouse over it. Contents of containers of NPC player vendors also will not be visible from inside the house. To see all again, just re-open and view vendors/your backpack from outside the house, and change banks to where you can visit the banker from outside the b
  11. With blackrock in your backpack, say Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym while standing close to a Shadowlord. This will lower it's defenses. Not sure if one can still infect oneself by placing a piece of blackrock on the ground and casting the spell since publish 59. With high magery, you were able to sometimes infect yourself, have a cryptic chat with a wisp, or just blow yourself to pieces.
  12. abracadabra

    Beta Invites

    Spurned again. Maybe the next round then? Argh!
  13. I think the silver is grey, the peach is pink, the orange is peach, and the rose is ok for violet courage. [ATTACH]9367[/ATTACH]
  14. Tamer mage, bought a chiv book and put a small amount of gp into tithing shrine. If wearing 100 % lrc, no tithing gets used even. Can cast remove curse now and then on pets, friends and self to remove mortal, weaken, etc.
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