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  1. Welcome back to the game of Ultima Online dUde ! By the way, love your avatar... Indiana Jones is a very HOT icon and Harrison Ford to this day is still a HOT FeLla, so you gotta be a kickarse FeLla yourself to be sporting that sorta image, yo ! Who knows... Maybe Sonoma is the better server for you after all, ya know ? Why stress yourself and waste millions of gold, etcetera, etcetera unnecessarily ? And think about it dUde... it's not jUsT a FLaT raTe of 30 MiLls to transfer, it's 30 MiLls per characTer ! ! ! ThaT is a massive pain in the rear end, ya see ? dUde, Jonesy.
  2. Nope, I'm definitely female, goth, peculiar and bored but just thought I'd update this post becuz i gotz me a kickass hotty ingame bf I would have deleted and redone the post, but it won't let me :/ But anywho, if anyone is still looking for a cool and active guild, feel free to look for lothar or any of the members of BofU
  3. Okay, so yeah I had edited this one, please take notice, LoLz ! Hello fellow Britannians ! I am a returning noobie-veteran with my main character being a very glacial tamer/mage by the name of Lady Zhara Blackmoon. Some of you might have seen me around, some of you might scratch your head and think, "Who the Bloody Hell is that weird freak of nature?!!!" Either way, it's nice to meet you here ! I am posting becuz I get lonely some times ingame (and bored out of my already hollow mind) and I could use a good companion to flirt with and help keep me occupied throughout my lonesome days
  4. Selling a 16x14 plot (aprox.) alongside the road West of Umbra. Formerly a very active mall (Umbra's Roadside Mall) and can easily be turned into a mall again! Maximum storage is 1891 with a max vendor count of 34. This is a great location going to the highest offer! Coordinates are: 28o 45'N, 15o 40'E ICQ# 139-372-248
  5. I'm quitting UO and selling my Large Tower which is located a short run east of Britain in Trammel. ------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Tower is SOLD! Thanks!
  6. Let's see... I've gotten the candy, heard weird sounds after being tricked (which was cool like a singing ball), been turned into a panther, and had my evil twin come after me! Muahaha! Very cute!
  7. Just make sure you select the one that says "Birds of Britannia." The talisman is the one that has wings and looks like a little angel
  8. Great feedback from a dedicated player. And I agree, I would like to see an overhaul to RoT. Perhaps that would bring more players to Siege.
  9. WOOT!!! Thank you Tabbitha and Silverfoot for your replies! That just made my day! And now to decide on a pose! Decisions, decisions....
  10. Okay, I understand that only those characters on accounts aged 72 months or more can use this vet reward, but can they target and make a statue of another character which is on an account younger than 72 months of age?
  11. I personally don't mind KR and I actually do like some of the graphics, though not everything. But the fact of the matter remains that the client is almost completely unplayable on my computer. And my computer is not obsolete! I crash way too often on KR and I lag so much that even killing a mediocre monster is a dangerous venture. I cannot fathom ever being able to do guild hunts, champ spawns, or even peerlesses with the new client. I would HAVE to quit UO if they did nothing to fix these issues when they force KR on us.
  12. So, where DO they spawn? I've been wanting one for some time now but I still lag so badly in KR that I'm not able to travel the land looking for them.... And what do they look like in 2d, if anyone knows?
  13. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Atlantic's Xanthar and his city of Wintermoor, but if you are, please read the news posted on Stratics a few days ago. http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=7317132&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=31&fpart=1 A lot of negative things are being said along the lines of, "You should have known better" type comments, but all negativity aside I personally must say..... Xanthar, I am so sorry for this final loss. I used to have one heck of a rares museum going myself on Atlantic years ago before I'd quit and Xan
  14. Can anyone tell me why Atlantic keeps going down this morning? I just got home from work not too long ago and this is my only time to play today, but my home server is down..... *grumbles and pouts*
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