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  1. Haven't been here for a long, long time. *dusts off profile* Mind if I come here and post now?
  2. I am dreading the sync. I've heard KS syncs are not the smoothest of transitions. And thank you Winfield. Nanoc did drop me some mail on Napa with another invite. Alas! Of ALL the nights of the week, Tuesdays are impossible for me! See, I fall into a stupor and somehow while in that state every Tuesday evening, I delve into this thing call ecommerce and do a whole lot of bookkeeping and advertising and such other what not in something called a portal but it looks like no other portal I've ever seen and it is not the best working of portals - yes, it is broken! Instead of a doorway, it is a
  3. Greetings citizens of PaxLair. I visited your fair city a looong time ago from the Napa shard, doubt any of your remember me - but you've all made a huge impression on this celt. As soon as I heard of SotA I jumped on board - and am THRILLED that PaxLair citizens are keen on being there as well! I would love to join up with some of you there (or beforehand). If any of you somehow venture to the Napa shard of Sosaria, you can find my home near the Yew abbey. Its the only place in Yew with vendors there anymore... *sigh* Mair saor! Kirthag
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