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  1. Face restyling It should be called, "Plastic Surgery Deed." Give them to every player, I say!
  2. Of course it does! It has to be on there somewhere, or else how would you use a calculator?
  3. Heh... I was just killing drags with an 800 luck suit... Nothing. Did swoops for a little while, but was using my regular suit. Might try them again.
  4. Well, I'm in the process of training my discord up to 120. I'm up to 117.5 :D:D. However, I'm running low on slayer instruments. I went to Ilsh and knocked out about 15 balrons until a paragon showed up and killed me. I, however, didn't get a single instrument. Does anyone know of any monsters around that regularly drop instruments? I have a tamer too, so I can kill nearly anything, but I'd prefer something simple where I can rack up 10-15 cheap, crappy instruments. If you're curious, I'm using slayer instruments on opposite aligned creatures to make gains come easier. It's actually
  5. Oh, maybe you misunderstood. I mined all that valorite while I was at 95 real skill with gloves on. I continued mining for a while because I wasn't sure I'd spend the extra 5 points in mining, but changed my mined. I did take the plunge with 105 mining I'm up to 10,000 valorite now! I did the math and it will take slightly over 20,000 ingots to get my reading glasses. Halfway there!
  6. I've another question pertaining to mining: What's with the jewels I've been mining up? What special purpose do they serve? And I've seen the acronymn GGS thrown around. What's it stand for? As many characters as I've played in UO, this is the first time I've ever had a haflway decent crafter, and I don't know a thing
  7. LOL... OMG. Well, was doing it a few at a time. I failed twice in a row, and said screw it and threw 6600 valorite ore on the fire and failed!!!! I don't believe it. Well... back to mining
  8. Interesting... I looked again, and I've actually got a pretty massive 6800 valorite ore. The odds are slightly in my favor, and while I do gamble on occasion I think that's a bit too much to risk. Then again, it's a big payoff if it works. But... I'm just going to try about 30 at a time. I have time, so it's not a big deal.
  9. I'm just curious, say you have a huge stack of 1000 or more ore, how do you smelt it? This is valorite I've been hording until I hit 100 real skill (I've actually got 6000 of it to smelt... did plenty of mining before i took my gloves off), and I'm wonder what an effective balance is between time and saving the maximum amount of ingots possible. I want those reading glasses for my crafter.
  10. Ha, I hear ya. I've actually made a million already... Quite a few actually. But still, it's amazing that the value of gold has dropped so dramatically. Just yesterday I spent 250k on a pair of sleeves. Sleeves! But... At least I got a couple dye tubs, and my old black sandals back. That, and just seeing my old characters again was kind of nice. Now for the fun part of the day... Doing my taxes!
  11. Well, I have recently been back in the UO game. I played back in the day, and instead of reactivating my account, I bought a new one. I couldn't remember the password or the username. And today, for some reason, right when I woke up I remembered it! So I thought about it at work today, and when I got home I just reactivated the account. Apparently the account was created January 2000. That's old school. It was fun to look at all of my old characters. I was hoping that I would find some extreme rares, but alas... I was poor. The only thing worth any cash is the rewards I'm getting,
  12. How much is this item worth? Apparently I have one so I'm going to sell it.
  13. If you wish to be technical, this does not say that it is illegal. It only says it, "Can be considered," illegal. Now, if you go idle in an unguarded area, it's your own fault that you die. Whether it be by another player luring a monster, or you being killed by a wandering monster. We'll not even get into the unlikeliness of this, "Crime," being proven to be committed by an individual.
  14. It's not illegal. People will whine about anything these days. They're afk in an unprotected area, they should expect to die. You want to idle, do it in town.
  15. He's got 587HP, 605 str, 77 dex, and nobody cares about int... 263 I believe. The only downside was that his skills were pretty low as a fresh tame. But he's getting up there. So pretty high HP (Above maximum according to stratics), average dex, and very good resists. The only thing I could wish for is him being red, but color isn't something I jump for joy over. He's good enough to hunt nearly anything. Can't wait till he's GM.
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