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  2. Adam i wanted to wish you a happy new year personally to express a heart felt thank you for all my crazy question i have asked in the past and hopefully all my future questions. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year and i look forward to hearinG from you my e-mail address is tonybots69@yahoo.com...Your good friend tony
  3. It has been a long while since i posted here but you are all near and dear to me. I wanted to take the time out to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. Hopefully in the new year i will be back to my old posting ways.Love tony
  4. and witha price tag equivelent to 10000 times as expensive
  5. give dip the prize now..ducks and hides
  6. double rofl thatwould be great everyone in the u.s.a can be a border agent might make a good new reality show
  7. thats a damm shame and good for you to point something like this out shame on ea for putting up with this that long .. first time i am hearing about this
  8. MABEY instead of fuses we can mistakenly send some uo programers to taiwan
  9. im using it with archery which works fine yes im not using the parry advantage but my hci and dci are maxed out at 45 well usualy depends on the bow i have 110 points which i use for necro was wonderng how to incorporate being in vamp form and stoning necro and adding 110 spirit speak but theni cant use curse weapon i hate this delema so even if i drop ss to say 90 and put 20 in necro i wont have much time to use curse weapon in the duration it gives me ..blah am i rambling or does anyone know what im saying i know probley rambling
  10. If You Question You Pvp Tactics Run Your Azz Off If You Have Some Faith In Yourself Fight You Might Like It And It Could Get Addictive Just Make Sure Everythngs Insured And You Have In Least 4000 Gold In Bank And Never Let Them Rez You After Killing You No Such Thing As A Trustworthy Oppenent
  11. Ok Where To Begin I Just Finshed A Necro,bush,archer,paladin And Was Wondering About Necro I Currently Run This And Let Me Say In Vamp Form It Is Killer 120 Archery--20 Headress 120 Tactics 120 Anotomy 110 Necro 110 Bushido-10 Braclet 90 Healing 70 Chiverly Was Wondering Is It Better To Run 110 Necro Or 60 Necro And 50 Spirit Speak..using A 50 Mana Leech Balanced Crossbow Healing Is A Breezei Can Use Aids,close Wounds Pots,i Leech From Crosbow And In Vamp Form But Always Looking For Better Any Help On The Necro Would Be Appreciated
  12. ther is nothing wrong with this temlate i am posting just want to try other things and be a litttle creative add a little fun . i want to replace focus for something else was thinking necro any questions on this and dont get me wrong focus is the bomb with this character 120 archer--20 from headress 120 tatics 120 anotomy 110 focus 110 bush--10 from ring 90 healing 70 chiv 110 STR--123 HP 150 DEX 39 INT--60 MANA PRIMARY WEAPON IS MY CROSSBOW 50 MAGIC MISSLE 40 MANA LEACH 40 SSI 48 DI 14 HCI __________________
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