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  1. This isn't even worth a reply, the fact that you spent so much time complaining over a PC game is XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. contact info : 247299718 just say your interested in buying ___ weapon sorry for the delay, ive been out of town
  3. I have a question, I got a new computer and monitor last night. Now, on the computer I was playing my screen resolution was NOT set to fullscreen but it took up the majority of the screen (see my post in the screenshots to get a feel for what i mean.) However on this new computer with the same res settings as before, UO is a tiny little square on computer and this is at max settings. the only way to get it big like before is to set it to fullscreen which I dont like, and refuse to do. How do I make UO appear bigger on my screen so it doesnt feel like im playing gameboy?
  4. The only problem I'm having, is that they want me to join right in on their PVP server. Now dont get me wrong, I love pvp and that's probably all I will do once I get familiar with the game, but wont it be really hard to get started and used to the game if I am getting killed every second? or how does that work? I heard its like felucca rulesets after you hit level 20
  5. Edit: for some reason the html isnt working, here's the links. Got bored so I figured I'd share some of my screens this first one is me messing around in haven today as a woman with a beard, the rest are from some spawns a couple weeks ago. more to come if you guys want, just too lazy to wait for tinypic to host them right now :-/ http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=4hw2gea http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2itsjgp http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2vtwh1s
  6. 1) which shard 2) i dont think they fetch that kind of price anymore
  7. this seriously has to be some of the worst crap ive ever seen. do you see the helm in her backpack? that looks worse than the detail we have now. the graphics themselves dont bother me too much, but im seriously considering selling out and leaving this game. screenshots like this are making me lose my faith. now you know, theyll say "oh well this is just a beta screen, its not finished" yada yada yada but I think its a load of crap, theyve probably finalized everything in that screen and they think its AWESOME. wow im mad.
  8. Carl

    More Pics

    What shard was that? I've never seen anyone ride a pure white horse
  9. im accepting offers, all are for sale and negotiable i have no set prices
  10. i hear no one's luck is good at alacrity spawns > i went there the first day for 4 hours and got discouraged and left
  11. yeah i mean its not too bad for pvm, and it has max fireball but its not worth using in pvp
  12. if you get nice taming jewels you can keep it low and put more points into something else, thats what I do. between my jewels that have high taming and some other mods and that bird summoner tali, i free up almost 40 skill points to put somewhere else. i also hold a scrappers and a vesper shield so i can have a better cast rate. but this way it gives you some more freedom with your template, you can even lower animal lore by 5 pts with the talisman - plus it is handy at swoops!
  13. unfortunately no, its slow, no di, mana leech is broken in pvp andthe specials arent viable
  14. ill contact you tomorrow when i get my ICQ back up.
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