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  1. Hey Kevin, a start time of 9 pm would work for me. Hopefully we will get more guildmates and other to join us. I already have at least 5 skulls and will make sure I have at least a few more by Saturday.
  2. Hey Guys, I thought each person going to the gauntlet needed a gold skull, but I was informed by some very helpful Alliance members that a skull is required for each party and the max amount of members for a party is ten people. So don't worry, I will make sure I have enough skulls for every party. And I know I said we should go around 8 pm, but if other people want a different time, let me know. I don't care what time we head into the gauntlet. Shatain
  3. Hey Maedhros, thanks for the heads up about the bag of skulls. I have no idea where that house is, hahahaha. But getting skulls is easy enough for me and I will definitely have enough for everyone in the guild to gain access to the gauntlet, plus I would rather go get them myself than spend gold on them, I am cheap that way I guess..... =) My only concern is predicting how many people from the alliance will want to go is impossible and that being the case..... I have doubts I will have enough skulls for everyone. Shatain
  4. I don't care if we do it as a guild only or an alliance event, I will leave that up to you. The gold skull issue will have to be addressed though, I will make sure I have enough for the entire guild and will probably have extras, but I can't promise I will have enough for the entire alliance.... as far as time for the event, I am not sure what would be best....I was originally thinking sometime in the early evening...maybe 8 pm or so???
  5. Hail guildies, I would like to propose a guild event this coming Saturday the 20th. I suggest we go and wreak havoc in the doom gauntlet for a good longtime. Try to get us all some good artifacts... I will ensure we have enough gold skulls for everyone, so everyone can get in.... Shatain
  6. Hey Caderyn, I am a Bard/Tamer and while I am not what I would call an expert, I will gladly offer any advice and help you out in any way. Probably the first thing I can offer is that I have a legendary Imbuer and will gladly make you some good taming jewlery, between a ring and bracelet...I can very inexpensively give you +26 Taming +26 Animal Lore and +26 Vet....with 36% Lower Regeant Cost, I can also make you some Bard Jewelry too........ That way you can at least tame some polar bears or such and do a little hunting. I do agree with Maedhros that you have to stick with the taming, I
  7. Sure, try to see what works for the other members and let me know.
  8. Those maps sound fun and I am game for anything we can all do......
  9. Anyone can put items into the crate....and make requests for useful items. Things like someone who mines finding GM Tinker shovels useful. I can have my GM Tinker whip some up...and other tools. Of course said miner probably should donate ingots to be used to make tools they are looking for.... I figure if everyone donates and takes items from the crate, the entire guild will find it a great resource......
  10. Hail guildmates, I have started a crate at my house that I want the guild to have access too. I would like to friend all guildmates to my house so they can use this crate. I am going to keep it stocked with useful items like orange petals (poison resistance), enhanced bandages (+10 healing or vet), recall scrolls, mark scrolls, bags of sending and powder to recharge the bags. Basically anything I think guildmates might see as useful. So if you see me online, please let me know so I can get you friended. Also, if you think of anything else that you would like to see in the guild crate,
  11. We certainly did upset them. They were not happy with all the wolf corpses that were littering the ground. A bard and a warrior can do lots of damage....was a lot of fun too. I am looking forward to many more guild outings...
  12. Hi Guys and Gals, I was digging up a lvl 6 map the other day and luckily one of the treasures inside was a lvl 7 map. It is located in Ishlenar and think it would be a fun guild event to this map, we can do any other maps we have too. All profits can go to the guild bank of course... Also, if guildmates have any maps, I will dig them up. Whoever owns the map will keep all the loot.... Shatain
  13. Hi CarrieAnn, welcome to the guild. I look forward to meeting you and playing alongside....if you need anything, please let me know. I have crafting toons and a legendary imbuer, which means I can make you a good starter suit and a set of jewelry that should help you get going in the game. A lot of things have changed, I took about a ten year break and have been back a little over a year and I am still trying to figure all the changes out.... Be safe, Shatain
  14. Hey Kevin, I will invite him to an event when I see him again. Running guild/alliance events sounds great......also, having a guild bank would be a great odea and would go a long ways to helping guild members and growing the guild/alliance.... If we catch each other in game, we should definitely chat more about this and everything....
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