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  1. If you're playing on Chesapeake, my guild will be more than happy to help you get started. Look for me under Chesapeake guilds: Nidaros (Town) and we can arrange to get you started.
  2. I just wanted to add that if there were people uninterested in going to the poetry contest, there's no reason in the world why they couldn't go into Doom while the other event was going on--particularly in light of the new info about the skulls. I'm going to the poetry thing because I haven't written poetry in about a kajillion years and want to see if people still think I'm any good and because I suspect that some of the poems should be . . . interesting. However, there's no reason for anyone to feel obligated to go if they don't want to and for anyone to deny themselves from getting a jump o
  3. Thanks to both of you gentlemen! I just thought I'd mention here that you both have been made Emissaries. That means that you can both recruit guild members. Thanks for all of your support and all that you have done for the guild!
  4. The Poetry Contest has been moved to 8, so that we can have a 9:00 start time. Is that okay? I had thought we had said a 9:00 start time for the Doom Gauntlet, but I do tend to get my time zones mixed up so that's probably why I got the times wrong.
  5. Do the demons that spawn in the Maze give daemon bone? If they do, can we farm some there sometime--if not for this event, for in the future?
  6. Since a single skull costs upwards of 100,000 gp in Luna, I don't know if our treasury could handle a bag full. Maedhros, where is the silent auction house? I don't think I've ever been there and would like to take a look (even if I don't try for the skulls).
  7. It sounds like a good event to me! Is this something you'd like to do as a guild-only event or can we announce it at the Alliance meeting on Tuesday (with the proviso that people should bring their own gold skulls, if possible)? What time would you like to meet for this event?
  8. that I am your new guild leader. I am not worthy, but I will do my best. Thank you for your confidence in me.
  9. Now that our guild is growing, we probably should have guild meetings. I don't forsee us needing weekly meetings or long meetings, but I think we should get together a couple of times a month and chat for about 15 minutes or so. It would be great if we could meet every other week on the same nights, individual schedules permitting. I'd like people to suggest the days and times most convenient for them and we can go with the majority. Meetings, of course, would not be mandatory--however--they will be the second-best place to suggest things for the guild (this forum being the best). I suggest
  10. Greetings and welcome to our growing guild! It has been a pleasure meeting you and adventuring with you. Please feel free to introduce yourself and vote for a meeting night or day.
  11. I don't have ICQ, but I have pledged for SotA and would like to be part of an in-game PaxLair there.
  12. Awesome, Ashlarr, thanks! (More than 25% rag content?)
  13. Auctions and pie eating and hunting, oh my! A complete calendar of events can be found here. For those of you with a creative bent, check out the Spring poetry contest, held by Ashlynn at the Shrine of Sobriety on April 20. (Original poetry only, any length). Let's make Nidaros a presence at these events--and maybe we can come up with some ideas for major events of our own! (Boat and horse races, anyone?)
  14. Welcome back to UO! I think you'll find things have changed a bit since you played last. If you ever find yourself on Chesapeake, give me a holler. I don't play Napa, but I just wanted to say I've been up in your neck of the woods for a UKC dog show--nice people and nice area, too.
  15. Thank you, Shaitain! Can any of us make item donations to you for the crate?
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