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  1. just returned to UO after many years of absense looking for a guild with patience to help me understand wtf is going on )
  2. I reactivated my uo account as part of my new years resolution and im stuck on the verifying account screen. Is it possible that UO gateway screwed something up? Is there a site to download client?
  3. im gonna start on atlantic my first shard 9 years ago
  4. Upon arriving home tonight I will reactivate my Ultima Online account and start anew on an undecided server. Suggestions.
  5. I found these forums through a google search of ultima online. I have often thought of returning to Britannia (is it still called that?), but know that many things have changed. I did attempt to fall in love with the game again several months ago, however it was sooo frustrating trying to compete with gear that now runs in the multi-millions of gold for a pair of chain leggings! There have been so many changes since I played, where do you start, how do you begin, what the game needs is a new server for players like me.
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