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  1. Hi, I am brand new to UO and picked Atlantic as my shard. So new in fact I find myself lost sometimes with what o do. There have been a couple of players who have been friendly enough to give me advice. I am looking for a newb friendly guild. I am not looking for a house sopt or gold or items. Just a gorup of people I can learn from an enjoy playing with. Thank you. -Ravenmane
  2. My character is Ravenmane on the Atlantic shard (even though I'm a westcoaster?), and I am currently as of this moment running around Haven.
  3. Greetings, I am such a newb. I just started playing UO and learned how different it truly is compared to other MMOs. My character is Ravenmane on the Atlantic server. I was wonder if their are any newb friendly guilds or players who can kinda give me some advice or show me the ways of UO. I am not looking for gold or freebies. The gifts from the 9th Anniversary Ed. are nice enough for now . Thank you. -Ravenmane
  4. Greetings, I broke down and did it. I bought a copy of 9th Anniversary UO last night and created my character on the Atlantic shard. Just figured I'd give you a fyi. Thank you for your advice and stuff. -Ravenmane
  5. I wasn't implying I'd PvP right away, heavens know. If I've learned everything it takes skill, practice, luck, and gear to help you at PvP. I know I wouldn't do straight away...just eventually. And by casual I meant as in a few hours a day with time for family in between, and not being able to make every dungeon run or raid (?). -Ravenmane
  6. Greetings Again, I thank you for your input. I think a few of my biggest fears about UO is that fact that I am not in contact right now with anyone who plays that I consider a friend, being in the military does that. I admit I am a WoW'er and yes it is a great game. But it has stopped becoming the casual players game that it was supposed to be because people take it too seriously. I just want something fun to play (I can generally get along with any game), that is aimed to the casual and the hardcore (I stress casual because of that military thingy again ). Another thing is that so
  7. Greetings, I was just wondering if UO would still be worth joining. I only ask because I want to be a part of something that will be around for a long time. I know UO has been around for years now (the first MMO) bu it keeps getting new content and people that I know that play love it like I have seen no fan love their game. So I would just like an honest opinion in response to my question if I should start playing UO. Thank you for your time. -Ravenmane
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